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  1. Funny.... after i enabled the debug tools the game is working again. I didnt use any tool... Debug tools because the "dupe teleport"
  2. Well, after I loaded my save (not a restart after a crash but I saw that my dupes stopped moving/working. Even the "Move to" order didnt help) the "Error Occured" window showed up. Old autosaves have it too. All dupes are invisible (like poor Travaldo) and are not moving. Optimistic Cesspool.sav
  3. Sooo, now i found out that my Dupe "Jean" is acting.... very strange. All dupes are still unable to move/work but Jean... he is looking directly at me und talks about letting him go and that he is in a prison... Okay that was a joke but "Jean" is at the bottem left edge of the map. Glitching in neutrinum. Maybe that is the problem. How can I solve that? He is not starving (thank god/dam you god). He really is the center of attention