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    don't expect this to be regular or something interesting. This is a place to write down one off stories or something else. i've had a lot kicking around so i will comb through them before i start posting to make sure everything is PG or at least PG13 heres a short i know is fine fir now (Friends?) A personal belief of Angless was to keep tidy. Even if no one was watching it gave Them great pleasure in seeing an organized area. Angless wanted this to be Their motto after landing here, maybe Their sentence would be less painful and more… bearable. Maybe this is why They found friendship into the alien monster Rill so quickly, but perhaps it was more Rill’s more chaotic organization that made Angless’s order feel like a trap. A visit to Rill often ended in Angless letting a smile perk up from Their shaped ooze of a form. Rill didn’t seem to mind Angless’s form as much as the other residents, but maybe it was because Rill had such a caring and trusting nature in him. His mental thought process Angless could see, but often Rill’s conclusions made Angless feel perhaps Rill was mentally ill. Angless laughed, and Rill looked up to his friend. “Angless? You doing all good?” Rill’s question was well meaning, but Angless couldn’t help but shake it off with a shrug. “I was just thinking of the day we met is all.” Angless let out another low chuckle. Rill scratched the patch of fur he scratched when he was embarrassed, which was often. “Yeah… Sorry about all that.” “Haha, not at all, you helped me learned how to relax a little, even though… this…” Angless gestured to Rill’s ‘Organized Chaos’. “I… Guess it’s not too much to ask now but… What exactly did you think of me then?” Rill was always one to pry, and use his ‘well you’ve already seen my mind’ excuse to grease the wheels of truth. “Ah yes, you were certainly something. Young, for one.” Rill put down his mug, and looked serious for a moment. “Come on, Angless. You’ve… You know what I mean.” Angless sat back in the pillowy sitting across from Rill’s low table. “Hmmm… I suppose you do deserve some sort of glimpse.” Angless acted. “Damn right!” Rill grinned. “Well if you want honesty, I didn’t care for your overly loving and trusting attitude, you were one of those aliens here I’d avoid if you hadn’t rushed right up to me.” If Angless had any form of eyebrow or hair They’d have raised them in amusement, but Angless just smiled Their amused smile. “Really?” Rill said in mock amazement, placing a furry hand to his chest. “Get real, Angless, I heard rumors about you AS I was assigned a room, you probably had more colorful things to say about me.” “Well of course I did.” And Angless leaned in real close over the coffee table, grin growing wider as They choose Their next words. “But That’s A Secret.” Rill’s heart might have stopped if Angless hadn’t pushed Rill playfully back with a jelly hand. Angless leaned back again, this time checking his watch. “It’s about that time again.” The smile of victory was all over Angless as They stood slowly. Rill growled, but it was just because he knew his friend was only hiding things to spare him. Rill then sighed, and stood to say a goodbye to his friend. Angless, the gooey alien telepath, and his friend Rill the fuzzy monster would have to meet another day, as the clocks were going to reset. “Another day, perhaps.” But Rill knew this wasn’t true.