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  1. obviously "wobb bye" is the correct way to pronounce her name! okie but i actually think its pronounced the same way as "toby" oh also i know that klei confirmed that its pronounced like "moby" but ive actually heard somene pronounce moby as "mobbie" so-
  2. im sort of new here, so i might as well post something- wurt -> 8/25/19 victorian webber -> 3/26/20 (winter) seasonal au webber -> 4/6/20 (temperate) seasonal au webber -> 4/6/20 webber eating ice cream -> 5/30/20 ah yee- i have a really bad habit of stylizing characters-
  3. this is my main outfit right now!! emo webber!! (i use the roseate skin by default and i use the triumphant skin when i'm feeling a bit edgier than usual)
  4. i don't really get the context, but we love a good gorillaz meme~
  5. here's an example of one! you can see "!drops" in the title!
  6. i have a question! er, i'm bad at articulating things, but i'll try my best to make my question comprehensible- so, i watched a stream today and received the icon and the portrait, (the 30 minutes drop and the 2 hours drop) but i stopped watching before i could earn the skin (the 6 hour drop). do i have to watch another stream for six hours or is there some sort of internal timer (haha sorry, that sounds really dumb) on twitch that pauses when you leave but continues when you start watching a stream again? like, um, do i only have to watch a stream for 4 more hours to get the skin, or do i have to start over and watch a stream for 6 hours? thanks in advance to anybody who can help me out!