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  1. it's getting worse. now it barely reach 5 minutes of game. I've done a couple of screen videos, and the game reach a half after few minutes. IN the second one you can see clearly the "red pixel" effect that happen at random. Screen Recording 2020-05-20 at 16.45.42
  2. is that "when you do it right" witch worries me. when I tryed it didn't worked out. i guess while building some pipe still have germs inside.
  3. i think i got it now. thanks for all the answers Just as recap, if anyone come here looking for the same answer. Any sensor, shutoff, or loop* won't really work, as the item in the first segment of the pipe (under the sensor itself ironically) is polluted and not clean. With the door system instead, the pipes get empty, as the tank will accept new liquid, but not releasing any. thanks!
  4. I'm now trying to built staircase instead of floors. at least they can jump down. and only later overlay with a floor. This -helped- to avoid another death. for now.
  5. Hi there, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I never experience this source of issue with other games. Not that there is many out there for mac.. I tried to run the old base on an old iMac. beside the extremely low framerate, the game could go on, but for the first time I hear the fans screaming. How many DTU/s do i need to cool down my mac? joke aside, I've got a basic fan control, and now I'm monitoring the heat. GPU card got about 70°C up to the game went to an halt. Now the game is stuck, but on the activity monitor seems using CPU. How do I know if the game is stuck or it's still trying to calculate something? There is anything I can do on the setting to reduce the load? ah, since the game stucked, the heat as well went down to 60°C
  6. Hi there, Here we go again. So, long story is, that on the other base I reach cycle 800 before start having problem. upon progressing it reach a point in which I cannot get over a cycle before the game froze. So I started a new base, hoping that a smaller base would have less impact, but it already start behaving badly around cycle 150. Now I just reached 200 and it froze quite often. I would say that the game hardly stay alive more than 20-30 minutes, after that, it start freeze for few second, every 3-4 minutes. usually happen halfway between cycles, but mostly at random. most of the time the computer recover from the freeze, and the game goes on. But it gets worse and worse, to the point that the game freeze, and the only way out is force close the app (I tried to way for a long time for recovery without success). In these case the comptuer still perform, even if it's heavily slown down. Other occasion the froze impact heavily on the mac. I can still see it receive inputs, but somehow the screen do not uptade, and cover the screen with red patches all over. at random the whole screen turn red. The only way out of this is forse shut the mac. On some more rare occasion (happen only twice so far), after few minute of a frozen screen, mac stuck, it suddenly reboot itself I'm attaching mac's specs, file save (without mods), and log. hope this helps... subterra cycle 200 Cycle 229.sav MacBook Pro.spx Player.log ah yes, this second base was running without mods at the time of the last crash.
  7. Hi fellow duplicant. I need help with polluted water germs. No matter what I do, germ start proliferating as soon water get out of the pipe. I tryied everything: keeping the water under chlorine (tank says it has no more germ after a while), then i got the water outside (right tank) and... boom. germ start proliferating. Now I even put a filter over the pipe, to allow only clean water. nothing. as soon the water get out it start getting germs. where I am doing it wrong? this is the first time I have such persistent germs problem.
  8. Hi have a big problem in Duplicant willing to suicide. Happens so many time in various occasion, but mostly: you have a floor planned for deconstruction. they start demolishing from the first tile, isolating themselves on the other side (and ops, that was a room full of CO2...). another case happens million of time, sealing a room. they walk inside and seal themselves in. Countless stair built and unbuilt leaving no way out. there is any way to avoid this...?
  9. while playing ONI, the game suddenly went thought ha heavy frame rate drop, and froze. I see spinning rainbow cursor, while the music is still going. every task done at this point takes ages (about 20-30 second), including pausing game, activate an overlay, clicking on something. occasionally, in this endless waiting time, the whole screen turn red. this happen on cycle 971 on a base which was already suffering for lowered frame rate while navigating around. I tryed to record the screen while happen, but turn out that the game froze my entire computer, with no hope of recovery.