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  1. I've been playing as Wurt and I enjoy her as a character. It's just that there's very little recipes that can keep her hunger at bay enough. I know durians are her favorite and mandrake soup is really good for health and hunger but meals like Meatballs aren't really an option for her. I know Meatballs are broke as hell but there should be a vegetarian equivalent that can fill her to adleast half hunger. Yes I also know that she gains more benefits from vegetables and vegetarian foods. Most of my Wurt runs have to end because I'm not playing with a wormwood or I don't have time to farm for specific seeds.
  2. Greetings fellow residents! I’ve been SUUUUUPER into playing DST and the general story of Don’t Starve World itself recently! Even though I can barely last a season, I still love playing with strangers and enjoying an online community. I’ve been doing fan art of DS and I’m gonna post my art since people will probably appreciate it here. i also am open to requests and making doodles of ideas! Just don’t beg/spam the thread also no nsfw/rude/explicit/etc requests. Wanna keep it PG13 as much as I can. Heres my social links if you wanna follow me! Twitter ~ Instagram (This is my little OC, Imp! She’s a 8 inch imp demon with fuchsia pink accent with coal black body and one eye) Alrighty then let’s start this thing off with Wilson in his Triumphant Skin. And here’s another few I did a couple of months back.
  3. I'll re-post this from my art forum.
  4. It’s ok to ask for advice on art! Art is a hard thing to keep passionate about if you compare yourself to other artists. I did your requests in a waterproof pen and watercolors to show that you can make amazing stuff on normal cheap stuff! Keep drawing and experimenting with different media’s and you’ll see improvement! Black and White drawings can be your style. Every artist isn’t good at all elements of art! I suck at coloring detailed pictures. Simple stuff is more of my forte. Your doodle you showed me is really nice! Wilson looks nice and the mystery person looks good too! Save up money to buy artist pens and experiment on doing inked art and crosshatching and other pen techniques! You’ve got skill! Keep exploring your art style and improving. Remember, don’t EVER compare yourself to other artists. Every artist hates their work to some degree, trust me! Look into downloading CamScanner for your phone, it’s an amazing app that’s free to use and it scans your work really nicely!
  5. Queen of the swamps
  6. Thank you! . Holy **** I’ll will be playing as Wurt for the rest of time now. She is TOO ADORABLE!!
  7. Let me stay on topic. Personally I just think "They" could be a being similar to Giygas from the Mother series. I'm 95% sure everyone knows who Giygas is but in case you don't, here's a quick summary from the Earthbound wiki: "Known as both the "Embodiment of Evil" and the "Universal Cosmic Destroyer", Giygas is an evil alien who, upon failing his original mission to reclaim the knowledge of PSI from humans, intends to sentence all of reality to the horror of infinite darkness. With an army of Starmen, Octobots and other deadly war machines, Giygas also uses his immense power to influence certain Earthlings to assist him." "They" could just be a concept bought to a physical form. It's like a Lovecraftian creature that cannot be touched yet can influence other creatures that come into contact with it. I think my favorite part about giygas is that it doesn't even know what it's doing anymore, its a mindless force that was created from anger and ill intent and will forever be stuck in that mindset due to their emotions merging into it's powers. Worse villain is one that you can't even talk to, or convince them to change their ways. I feel like that's what "They" will be. Except they NEED creatures to control. They can only influence what they have manifested. Probably why they keep gluing sentient people to the throne and making them mess with things from the human world, slipping out one of his creatures to attack people, and making people play their "game" as entertainment.
  8. Ya know speaking of that, what's the reason why some people in the, lets just say "Humanity/Normal World" where the human survivors came from, are tall while some are short? Is height some sort of status in the normal world? Like it's pretty clear that Maxwell is a tall guy, along with Charlie, but when we see other humans such as Winona and her coworkers being similar height, or Willow compared to her old caretakers at the orphanage. Is being tall looked at as being better or higher power? I could be just overthinking it and it can be a design reason why characters are tall and some are short. I've just got Invader zim on my head thanks to Crystal Kourosh!
  9. Chester hops over to you and barfs out little puff balls that nuzzle around your ankles.
  10. Image size constraints are great. Here’s the full image, she’s my character Charlotte with her dust fly named “Dusty”. I’ve been arranging an animation pitch book for a cartoon offer. It’s hard but I’ve got faith in finishing it. also that Chester plushie is so damn cute, I need one in my room. I do the same to my stuffed plushies, put headbands or hats on em.
  11. Call me dumb but the Malbatross reminds me of a legendary Pokemon like Ho-Oh or Lugia. So here’s Pokemon trainer Wigfrid sending Chester to catch the Malbatross
  12. Hey uuuhh Chester puppies .... puckets? Here’s from last weeks art stream thread
  13. Alright sorry if she looks more robotic than a toy. Blame transformers.
  14. Is Sue Nami supposed to be a toy or is it just for aesthetics sake? Also I love that name.
  15. I know I need sweets version of spiders! The 3rd tier spider den is just a massive pile of pies. Oh **** I didn’t think of that. I was just having him look at the book under light cuz he’s uncomfortable holding it.
  16. Woodie is now Beast Boy. Why hasn’t Woodie been investigated by Canadian government services??.
  17. Couldn’t make it to this weeks art challenge so here’s a monkeh Also this is in honor of Axelocke working on a “pie-der” And finally another “Codex Umbra” piece.
  18. Wow you're a master treasure hunter when it comes to hidden content! I did the Wes one. may I ask why the game artists always draw Wes? I know he’s kind of s meme but I’ve seen way more art stream stuff with Wes in it than anybody else.
  19. lmao don't worry they have an intense bromance
  20. Also sorry for being late with your request blackmage! I dont know what a snowkit is so I made a kittykit with white fur. ================= ================= i love to think of Wilson being the evil assistant to Maxwell.
  21. I really wanna make a short comic about him becoming an *******.
  22. Really? I thought Mortis’s work was more black and white. It has a swirl because it’s not owned by anyone yet. I feel that the book is blood bounded to its owner, with the red insignia of Maxi’s name. Like when the owner of it officially dies, the red disappears and waits for a sucker to touch it and it slurps a little bit of their blood into it.
  23. The amount of money I’d shed from my skin to see a more detailed story behind how good ol billy became a big chinned ass we all love.
  24. Thank you so much! Maybe one day they’ll do a skin based off it! :3