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  1. I think instead of taking damage from rain he should get a speed decrease, the fear of every WX main perhaps? Avoid getting wet at all costs. 10% decrease in speed when just a bit wet, 20% at half meter and 30% at full meter. Something like a rust getting his limbs all clunky.
  2. New characters pricing on ps4 vs PC

    Buy the game for $15, spend over a $100 for skins and characters, yes, that's my life.
  3. Wurts fish plushie

    Ohh just like Bernie, that's a really cool idea!
  4. You can always rollback a few days, unless you already did the puzzle and played the game past the rollback option, I immediately left after the puzzle was done so I'm definitely doing that when I launch the game again. Just like you, such a nightmare to need 3 yellow gems and find out I only had 2 laying around haha. Had to make preparations to kill Dragonfly first before finishing the puzzle.
  5. Omg the Metheus puzzle is amazing! Trying to figure out how to solve it was just so much fun, had a bit of frustration trying to get all the items to place inside the chest (Playing on console is no joke) due to Nightmare phase, collecting thulecite while being chased by Splumonkeys and then had a Cave worm attack right when we got there, JESUS! But amazing nonetheless, thanks Klei for giving us this gift! PS: I'm down to help anyone in need!
  6. Thank you! I was really bummed out of how everyone just wait through the night in camp, sure it's good for talking and bonding but I really wanted a character meant for darkness exploration.
  7. Tried my hand at the new character. I really love Wurt's design and idea, can't wait to play as her!
  8. The thing is, inside the caves, Wolly can never go insane due to complete darkness, his sanity doesn't drop in there, he loses sanity during surface daylight. In my idea, you're not meant to eat gold for sanity, it's just there for an emergency, I guess I forgot to mention he can also eat Flint and Nitre for +1 sanity each. That's actually pretty powerful already, might need a nerf haha.
  9. Not getting daily drops on Sundays

    Yeah, I usually get on 4-5 hours after the daily reset. For some reason, on Sundays it doesn't reset for me.
  10. Okay, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post about this... I've been thinking about this character since last week, and I put a lot of thought behind it, wrote down a short story of how this character came to be playable, his abilities and weaknesses and even made some doodles about his appearance (With the lovely help of a terrific artist I know) So here we go: Darkness covers the constant, in the distance, a line of light begins to appear. A creature lurking underground captures a glimpse of something shinning. A green light and an eerie aura, almost hidden by rotten vines and dead leaves. "What is that? It looks... appetizing..." With little effort a bulge of earth starts moving towards it and in a quick swoop the shiny thing is no more. The first breath of the sun stings, eyes meant for darkness are covered by claws. "Belly is full now, time to sleep". Short story about a Moleworm who was able to eat Wormwood's lunar gem giving it some human aspects and an ability to think and talk. Moon power? His name is Wolly and he's a Moleworm so "Wolly the Molly" I thought about a challenging character mainly used for night exploration and spelunking. Not too powerful but fun to play anyway. His main focus at the start of the game is gathering 12 grass for a grass hat instead of a torch. Stats Vision Wolly can see perfectly in the dark but have trouble with his vision during the day. (Just like a moleworm hat) - Loses sanity during the day, no sanity lost during the night or dark places. Abilities - Uses his claws to mine/dig moleworm holes only. (Can't dig up bushes or tree trunks) - Faster movement speed inside the caves. (Excels in cave exploration) - Eats minerals for sanity, Stones/Flint/Nitre +1, Gold +2, Blue/Red Gems +5, Other colored Gems +15. (A full stack of stones or gold recovers 40 sanity) Weaknesses - Hats/Helmets covers his eyes completely. Charlie can still damage him during the night if he's wearing a hat. (Moleworm/Miner hats functions normally on him.) - Mainly vegetarian (Food only fills his hunger and health), all meat meals work like a monster meat on him, causing him to lose sanity (Since Wurt is going to be added I had to change my idea of him being a full vegetarian, I thought about this prior to Wurt being announced) - Clumsy, 5-10% chance to drop tools when being used (Due to his big claws he has trouble handling human tools) - Hated by Catcoons (Just a fun addition) Doodles/Appearance I'm not a good artist so bear with me, tried to fit him into the dst overall look as best as I could. Final Look and Color Hope you nice people enjoy it as much as I did thinking about it!
  11. Oof, I know this might be too late and I hope you fixed your problem already but usually, friends can't join my world if I set my online status to Appear Offline. People can only join my world with no trouble if I'm playing with my status Online. So always be online if you wanna play with friends.
  12. Hi, this is the second Sunday I launch the game and don't get any daily reward. The first time I thought I was imagining things but today it happened again. Anyone having the same problem? I know this is some petty issue I'm bringing on but I like to launch the game daily as I'm an avid player to get the skins I'm not able to buy. I just want all the chests skins!
  13. Why is online local co-op broken?

    Might have something to do with your second psn account. Sometimes after updating your console or for whatever reason you sign off automatically you must log in again into the Playstation Network on all your accounts saved on your ps4. You should try that and see if it fixes it. The game is fine. Also be sure to take your time when Logging in into don't starve together, if you keep pressing select you'll join in offline mode.
  14. [Game Update] - 161

    Had my game crash yesterday as well and it corrupted my save file, thank god I could rescue it from the cloud. Not even sure what caused the crash, just randomly closed the game, might be during the night/day save.
  15. Retrofitting world

    Mine is fine (1000+ days), retrofitted for Rot and went to the lunar island before salty dog, was able to find the salt rocks yesterday. My only problem being my Lunar island is way too small, guess that's a problem from retrofitting.