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  1. Perfect accuracy on placing structures all depend on your own thumb when moving your analog stick, and patience, lots of patience. You can also use the environment to your advantage. If I need something perfectly aligned I use 3 walls in a V or /\ shape, stand in between the walls and move towards where you wanna build, be mindful the analog stick is really sensitive and any diagonal movement will throw your character off by one pixel to the side. Another thing that I noticed are gaps in between two fences, if you run towards two connected fences your character locks into one position, from there you can just move away from it without going sideways. Try to look for patterns on the ground or mirrored places where you can get a good point around you, like the edges of carpets or any kind of turf. If only the structures could be placed like the walls, that would help tremendously, but sadly, this is more of a vanity than quality of life improvement I suppose.
  2. Omg true. I know what I'll be doing when I get to play today. Thank you very much.
  3. Hi Klei, any way to change the recipe for the Clean Sweeper? Old Wilderness worlds are difficult to find Evil Flowers. Been trying to make bees pollinate them with no success so far, not even sure if that is possible. Only have 5 total flowers in my world making the new item inaccessible to me for now. Also tips on how to get more Evil Flowers without the use of haunting from ghosts are super appreciated.
  4. As Marco said, if you have a PC I also recommend Firefox as your desired browser, a friend of mine was stuck at the flowers as well when using Chrome, haven't tried Internet Explorer so who knows... Refreshing the page also works, clearing your cache and cookies.
  5. On consoles you can decrease the size of the hud (Go to settings, HUD size), that means everything on screen, default might be 5 or 10, if you decrease it to 0 everything on screen will be a lot smaller. Button prompts, inventory, text. Hope that helps.
  6. These are my favorite. Druid Wormwood Draconic Knight Wortox Wolverine Woodie (From X-men) (Lumberjack Logan)
  7. You know I know, I know you know, let's not talk about that.
  8. Now that's where you're wrong, the boss fights are the most enjoyable thing to do in this game. Each time you fight them make you better at it. A sculpture is the truest achievement of how good you got to fight that specific boss so many times that now you can "waste" away the materials on something for pure skillful decoration.
  9. True, even though I was having a lot of fun with Wendy/Abby after the rework, never played her before but thought the butterfly killing was broken as hell. Starting a new world with friends and I survived til winter living off butterflies alone and amassing meat I'd never use. Another way to fix that would be the range of the Riled Up option, she targets mobs half a screen away. Don't take the butterfly killing away but make Wendy be actually a little close to the butterflies for it to take effect. That way you need a bit of effort being near the actual thing you want Abigail to kill. She would still protect Wendy during attacks not being too invasive at the same time.
  10. @ScottHansen, Something I found weird on consoles is the ability to kill/hit Abigail during fights, if she can be summoned/unsummoned at will why can we still hit and kill her? I constantly kill Abby when trying to fight mobs together with her, it's a very annoying lingering action from her previous state, killing her in one hit when she's got 600 health really makes no sense. The damage from Abigail and Wendy together is perfectly balanced in my eyes.
  11. Yes, I was thinking about Wolly shortly before the release of Wurt and I loved her design to death. They had to be drawn together. - Nordic Helmet skin for Football Helmet (Since Klei didn't add that, I tried my hand at it). - Baby Koalefant (A little more detailed) - Chropmera's Wing and Eyeball (They can both be eaten) - Chiropmera's Gaze Staff (5 Charges of Batilisk Swarm which causes all mobs except bosses to panic for 3 seconds and summons 6-9 Batilisks) - Piggie Bottom (Just another Piggyback skin) Also I thought about this batboss causing some sort of curse to the player and bunnymen, like vampirism to challenge lycanthropy from pigmen. I might draw what Bunnymen will look like with the curse. Demanding you to find a cure or kill the boss for a potion or something.
  12. Just posting Wolly designs Wolly and Wurt. Collab with a friend.
  13. First of all, your art is amazing, I get really inspired to draw when I see your work. I dig everything you've done so far, not a big fan of overfuturistic designs but everything is so well done it's hard not to be in awe. I like when you include random items or weapons together with the characters as those really capture my attention. Any chance you could include more of them or sometimes the ones characters are holding? As separate pieces I mean. If you allow ideas for next projects, with the current Chinese events going on, it would be nice to have Asian themed designs. Or steampunk, why not both.