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  1. Fair enough... it just seemed odd, so I figured I'd report it in case it was unintentional. In general, I've noticed dupes magically jumping to an open tile when they were about to be entombed.
  2. I had them dig it out, and it crawled off apparently still healthy.
  3. I had my dupes building some tiles. While they were getting around to doing it, a wild Drecko wandered into the build site. They apparently have now managed to entomb the poor critter inside a tile. Shouldn't they have either refused to do the build or displaced it to a nearby "safe" location?
  4. Crap! You're right; I do. I've removed the extra pipe segment, and everything is now flowing properly. Thanks, Vardis!
  5. I have set up two daisy-chained gas filters. Multiple pipes lead into the first intake. The first filter emits hydrogen off to a tank. Other gases pass into the second filter which sends chlorine into another set of tanks. Non-hydrogen, non-chlorine gasses are dumped into the room. I found my hydrogen tank contaminated with other gases, so I looped its output back into the filters to try and clean it. While watching the ventilation overlay, I have repeatedly seen the output end of the first filter emit gas BACK up toward the orange port. That gas then passes into the hydrogen tank contaminating it. In the screen shot, you can see both green and pink squares have been emitted toward the tank. I'm certainly willing to believe I messed something up, but I'm not seeing it. Rosy Crashpad.sav