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  1. Most useless items

    A few of my mention: (Unless playing warly for his food debuff) About half the crock pot recipes in the game. Many of them can be made into better food with their components than what their specialized recipe calls for. Stuff like Fish tacos, Ceviche, Unagi -better used for - Gumbo, surf and turf, fishsticks, sushi rolls, meatballs (or moqueca for warly) Asparagus soup- better used for vegetable stinger Jam, Stuffed eggplant, ratatouille, kabobs: all usually better to just eat the ingredients straight up where available Weak crock pot dishes mainly serve as a way to use ingredients in a pinch before they spoil, since cooking will usually set the spoiler timer over 50% Would have said scalemail, lower protection than it's base component and sets things on fire...but it does have the benefit of functioning like an infinite durability sanity item in the meantime.
  2. For some people complaining the Celestial portal "ruins the game" for them, it's not something for you. It's a fairly expensive build early on, and provides a very minor game feature that's not even necessary for most players. It's just something that allows people to bypass using console commands to swap up their characters in Survival and Endless game modes. Whether that's because they dropped into a server with too many of one character, or they're not necessary anymore, they get bored but wanna maintain their builds, or they're solo and wanna use other characters for their perks. If it's not something you like, you don't have to use it. Especially for the amount of build time to go into it.
  3. Wurt+ One-man Band

    One-man Band will not tame Merms or Mermguards, but will tame pigs whilst playing Wurt
  4. Built an entire Merm city only to be disappointed I couldn't run through the place gathering merms using the one-man band on either the merms or or the guards. Dunno if it's intentional that one-man band doesn't work on them or a bug. Just somewhat disappointed. Also on that note: One-man band does allow Wurt to befriend pigs..sooo...merm-pig army?
  5. I would have to echo that a lot of my problems with Wurt boil down to either niche, useless or clunky mechanics. -I don't like the Merm King rewards you trinkets you cannot use (I understand the game's about multiplay, but not everyone plays multiplay, or even plays a variety team in case of multiwurts) -I don't like that while maintaining that fish are still the merms' currency, in winter your primary method of obtaining it is through murder -Tentacle visual indicators just vanish in winter since it matches the coloration of snow -It's a little frustrating that the mermking buff applies only an HP buff to Wurt, I'd like to see at least a minor damage buff for the setup time and cost of it. As well as to remain consistent to the buff's application to all the other merms. -Bunnymen are still the best minions, even as Wurt. They're easy to amass, have really strong dps, run away when low to heal, and attack virtually anything as a monster or carrying meat, meaning you only have to kite through their village. Merms are still not particularly good for much for the Kiting AI. (Maybe have the MermGuards have an AI more similar to bunnymen or rock lobsters to make them seem more of an incentive). -It's still better to base near classic base locations than the swamp, just making or moving turf to those locations. Tentacles are still "fleeting" as an area protection, swamps are located far away from other resources, etc. Maybe if craftsmerms could collect reeds or player be able to build fishermerm huts like SW that can still capitalize off the location. Otherwise the primary benefit of a swamp base is you could build next to mermhouses which have a cap of 4 merms instead of the 1. -Be neat to have more merm "aesthetics" available. More buildings, turfs, or walls, even if just cosmetics like skins
  6. Currently main Wormwood and Warly. So I guess small nitpick for both... Wormwood: You can heal using "fertilize" but you still "eat" rot and glommer goop. Warly: The whole not eating crockpot food's a single line of code and his SW debuffs for non-crockpot food is still in the files. So it's just functionally the same (encouraging you to eat mainly crockpot foods), just more inconvenient. Especially as I will often do stuff like eating minor items to remove them from my inventory rather than stop my stride to drop them.
  7. I build a bunch of mushroom planters using Wormwood or Woodie (for the living log income) and fill them with red mushrooms or spores. They have a lot more use imo than green or blue mushrooms. In addition to being crockpot filler like other mushrooms you can: -Leave a few laying around berry farms to attract and kill gobblers -4 monster meats+27 red caps= 27 manure, 2 meat, and 1 pigskin -Wormwood can eat them without penalty -drop a few large stacks to get rid of Bearger (I prefer to drop them to clean up bearger after deerclops fight) -fed to anything in your inventory to "murder" them without naughtiness (like if you don't want to attract Krampus while saving for your gossamer saddle) -If you don't find a use for them before they expire, well you can still use them for rot or ash