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  1. I know this pain, I've had to replant the reeds several times as admin of my server. There are some mods out there though that can prevent people from burning them in the first place (like Camp Security). Until Klei decides to do something about this (like maybe them being fireproof since they naturally grow in a VERY WET environment), then this mod is your next best bet.
  2. just because this looks similar to error messages I was recieving, are you using the worldgenoveride.lua format for your server, or did you transfer leveldata.lua files from a server generated by making a hosted world in-game first? If you're on worldgen format then that's good, if you're on leveldata format then you need to switch, as the latest update broke a lot of servers using it.
  3. It should just be as simple as delete the leveldata one and drop in the worldgen version of the file (There isn't actually any coding we do as serverOps that have to be programmed to tell our servers to look for either file, at least that I remember or found). Jazzy's got a very good video on his channel for initial server setup, it helped me solve some other issues I was having with my server and mods, might be worth a shot going through your files while watching the video and see if something got missed in the setup.
  4. Alright finally got a good day off from work (and family) to attack the old .LUA, chop out the junk, and reformat it as a new worldgenoverride.LUA. Order (or as much as one can muster in this game XD) has been restored and the server is running again. Thanks all for the help and tips.
  5. Alright finally got a good day off from work (and family) to attack the old .LUA, chop out the junk, and reformat it as a new worldgenoverride.LUA. Order (or as much as one can muster in this game XD) has been restored and the server is running again. Thanks all for the help and tips.
  6. The world I run is endless, so hat would never be an issue. So the only things I need to worry about in the .LUA for the current world (I hope) is just the world "behavior" options, such as hound wave frequency and such.
  7. Still building it, no-one responding to my queries in my thread. Been working and not much free time, gonna dive more into it next day off. Did find in another thread where someone has links to completely built worldgen file codes to paste, so probably work with that when I got enough free time
  8. Is yours still working? Mine is having total breakdown after the update. Trying to build a new worldgen.lua but haven't gotten anyone to respond to my thread with my latest questions. Gonna just have to load it and give it a shot I guess.
  9. alright, been playing around with setting up my new worldgenoverride.lua, would like to get some other eyes on it so I don't screw this up. As I understand it, things set to default do not need to be specified, so I have not bothered transferring any of that to the new .lua couple areas of concern color coded in the spoiler above. Red bold text is things I just have no idea what they are, but they were in the original .lua, do I need to keep these in or remove them since this is an already set-up world? Blue text, are things I recognize (the prefabs loaded into the world already) and don't think I need in the new .lua but want to make sure. Or am I doing the wrong thing entirely here and need to copy every setting from the old .lua?
  10. That's what I was afraid of. When I first set up my original server I used the worldgen format, but had to get support and they had me change to level. Guess I'm spending a lot of quality time with my text editor after work tansfering my settings to the new format and hopefully not breaking the save again
  11. This looks very different from my setup .LUAs. Did this change for the new updates? I've been having issues loading my server after the new update, but don't want to clutter this thread with that. I'll post the .LUA over there in case you or anyone else are willing to take a look.
  12. Alright, so not much activity overnight, but we do have it progress to this next image. And while not spawning a few mushrooms is not a problem, it also doesn't want to seem to spawn the trees, the twigs, the berries, the flowers, the rocks.... pretty much everything that you need on the surface, it reports that none of this is spawning. The cave shard still hasn't managed to connect to the master. I was able to tell it to shutdown, and upon reloading it starts to do the same thing, but partway through the list of all the failed spawning items, the server is crashing straight up now, not finishing the load. Cave still seems to be alright. Something really wonky going on here. a few more things to help with troubleshooting (I hope). The full server log: The leveldataoverride.lua after loading it for the new update:
  13. Restarted my server to get the latest update, and we get the bedlum shown in the attached image. Shard window is repeating without stop that it can't connect to the master, the master appears to be dead in the water after repeating the pictured code a few trillion times with assorted common objects. I am wagering that I will have to go in and edit settings by splicing in the new world options once I figure them out before trying to boot my server from a backup copy, but wanting to get some more experienced opinions first before I start tearing it apart.. Anyone recognize what's going on here and how to fix it? Edit: Just as soon as I posted this, the master's window finally moved and added these lines onto the bottom: [00:22:27]: Reset() returning [00:22:36]: CURL ERROR: ( Resolving timed out after 5000 milliseconds no further activity yet and I need my sleep before work. Check back in a few hours and see if anything else has happened.
  14. Yeah... let's just say it's been a long two weeks, and leave it at that. Next chapter is finally ready, hope you guys enjoy. * Chapter 5 *
  15. Dev streams! I've missed you so much! Come back to us!