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  1. Hello all, sorry it's been so long since I posted on my own thread. There's been so much craziness in the world right now, and work has been very spastic, and add family into the mix, and well that sucks out any and all free time. The next chapter is finally in the works, and I have some art not ready yet, and I'll hopefully be able to post again soon, so long as I'm not ambushed with anything else >.< In the meantime, I've decided to neaten up the thread with some spolier boxes so it's not so horribly long with each chapter. I'll be releasing future chapters in this format, so don't forget to hit the arrow to read the chapters when they're out. Hope to have it out in a couple of weeks, if I'm not too distracted with the new beta update
  2. Has anyone found a use for the distilled knowledge yet?
  3. The problem was never solved, but the situation has been resolved. Unable to get even a brand-new server re-created from scratch to work with mods on the computer, I resorted to a complete system restore of the computer to restore whatever was corrupted during the troubleshooting process. Thank you for the assistance you have provided, but I very much do not recommend suggesting the same thing again with deleting the entire mod folder and running the command prompt, as that seems to be what fragged my server XD
  4. Hello again, thought I was done here but looks like I need to seek help from the master guru again. I've been trying to troubleshoot issues with getting my mods to auto-update and one that would freak out when I manually updated (thread here) but things went south quickly into a bigger problem. My server no-longer recognizes any of my mods, and despite using backup copies and refreshing things entirely with new downloads, the problem remains. The main root of the problem seems to be the server load unable to locate the modmain.lua in each of the mod folderes, even though they remain in the same place. The trouble started after the other person attempting to help me told me to delete the mods folder and run a command prompt instead of my batch file in order to generate a log for him to look at. Since then, nothing has worked to repair the server's relationship with the mods. I suspect a piece of code got fragged somewhere but I don't know where to go or what to look for, and with the way things have gone I worry that even starting back from scratch things might still be botched. Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated. Latest server_log if it helps any: Edit: Wound up having to restore my computer entirely to fix whatever was fragged in the system, but all is working well now.
  5. problem is aside from totally starting from scratch I have no idea what to do about fixing that, or how it happened in the first place aside from the command prompts you had me run. I copied out the mod folder before deleting it, then pasted it back after without any modifications. I don't understand how its now not recognizing the mods.
  6. well not sure what I'm looking for, but lets take for example workshop-894593657 (renewable graves), one of the mods working just fine before starting to troubleshoot the problem child. The LUA looks like this wouldn't know what to look for in an error, but it looks about right from the last time I casually looked at it long before this all happened. Restored the original server world and booted, here's the log.
  7. Lets put aside the old server and the not self-updating mod for a moment. We have a more serious problem now. I tested a fresh load up with the mods (deleted the old saves, loading it as a brand new server) and the mods are still non-functioning. They show up only as their workshop numbers in the list of server mods, and do not function at all when logging into the server. This started at the step when you had me delete the mods and run the command prompt, and restoring the mods to the folder did not return functionality. We need to fix this.
  8. so command to now look like: cd /D "c:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\bin" start dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -only_update_server_mods pause ? Edit: Can't be that, it still closes >.<
  9. The command prompt opens a new window and runs something, but disappears too quick for me to see what it looks like. Where is the log for this operation for me to post?
  10. New wrinkle on the problem - I restored the mods and now they appear in the server's online mod list only as their workshop numbers, something I have happen when the mods aren't loading due to needing an update. I've tried the backup copies, I've tried updated copies, I've tried restoring the copies that were in the recycling bin, but nothing will work now.
  11. doesn't seem to do anything, folder stays blank except for the LUA I put back in. Rebooting the server dumped the default files back in the folder (overwritting the LUA again) but did not load any mods.
  12. Okay, re-saved the .LUA for the mods with the recommended program and settings, but got the same result, wiped file after load. Time for logs. Master shard overworld server log, just after using updated .LUA Same log, after running the provided command prompt.
  13. alright, that's what I was thinking but wasn't sure. Can't get to the server computer right now but will report back as soon as I try everything out. Thanks for the assistance thus far.
  14. I'm rather amateur at running servers, so I might need a bit more help with running that command. Should I run that in a windows prompt or in the server window once it loads? I am probably butchering the terms but please more detailed instructions would be a blessing XD
  15. Steam CMD I believe, windows computer. StartDSTServers.bat And not sure which logs you want, but here is the client log, let me know if you need others. And I was going to post my dedicated_server_mods_setup.LUA from my steamCMD mod folder.... but it has been wiped clean except for the default text. Seems that might be the culprit. Why is it wiping that file and how do I stop that? And what else might be going on wrong? Edit: Reprogrammed my mod setup LUA and backed it up to a different location. Here's the current setup. The one in particular I keep fighting with is Camp Security, it is updated regularly and the one I get the alerts for, and freaks out when i try to manually update it. Edit2: restarted my server and it wiped the dedicated_server_mods_setup.LUA again.