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  1. So I tried both the steps outlined above.. No change I tried deleting that mod outright, and repeating second step. Nothing. I targeted it specifically in the mod cache. Nope, try again. I once again made sure all mods were updated and also double checked manual updates. Hopeless. I was just about to delete all my mods, and maybe reinstall the game again too, when I tried the "clean all" button in game.. VOILA!! It works!!! I have created vanilla and also modded worlds, and so far, I do not seem to have a problem!! (Default settings, custom settings, with/without caves) Thank you so much for the help Scott, I really appreciate your time and effort, and hopefully I didn't waste too much of it
  2. With or without doesn't make a difference. Thanks for your help, I have logged a report in the appropriate channel. Sorry again
  3. Cannot start new world, stuck on "world generating" screen. All other worlds load no problem, no internet issues, can unravel items into spools, made 3 purchases, everything A-OK otherwise.. *edit (with or without mods) **still experiencing this issue. I have tried to verify game files I have uninstalled and reinstalled, then verified game files again I have deleted my custom presets and settings via the PROFILE file Still same issue, everything else works fine, but if I try to generate a new world, it never makes it passed the screen in the screenshot. I literally left it running over night, so it was generating for about 6hrs roughly. No errror message, just continually generating. client_log.txt server_log.txt server_log.txt
  4. Thanks, I'll do that. Old to the game, made my account here last year, but only active very recently. Sorry for spamming like a child lol
  5. Can't help it, I'm upset!! Last one, and I've removed the others
  6. While I appreciate you guys SOOOO MUCH, I can't help but be a little annoyed..I've spent all day, 1st day back at work, waiting to get home for Woby, I then had to wait about 2hrs still, lmfao that's OK.Then he drops!. and I buy Deluxe, and a bunch of skin packs..Since then, few hours later, I am still trying to start a new world with Walter!!!!! WTF
  7. Nevermind anything else that I was was "lucky" enough to get ( maybe a handful of Elegants) I bought the Wortox pack when he came out, and then for the next 2 weeks I got pretty much nothing else but Wortox heads and clothes )': IT'S NOT BUCKLED SHOES OR UNPROTECTIVE GLOVES!!!
  8. Please please update the rewards we can choose from!! Specifically, and I know it's a long shot, the Crystallized Cabinet. This is one of my favourite skins EVER, and I missed it, inbetween moving and Corona :/ I haven'tmissed a drop since I can't even remember when lol Anyway, great work as always. I am a major fan, got almost all your games, and working my way through your online shop now