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  1. It does feel running smoother now. Previously WASDing the base while running felt sluggish and now its more responsive. Loading however feels the same, though maybe a few seconds faster for a 40MB save.
  2. It is the food screen and when you have tons of dupes it takes an eternity to load. Insert regret.
  3. Oh yes, and wear lead suits in flight. And eat Surf n Turf. Honestly, radiation in space isn't an issue for me: it's when I arrive at the destination and start unloading/constructing a new base that my dupes start going green. Hence the 20tons of lead to build a roof.
  4. The sound of dupes frying. Mmmmm If op is so concerned about radiation inside the rocket, then throw an extra layer of lead shielding like I do.
  5. Yes. "Building a base into the environment and being eco-friendly". :3 Though the alternative of draining the ocean is a fantastic challenge itself. BTW, I've notice that there are "tides" at the water surface. Does the water regenerate or it's just "simulated wave action"? because I have notice that the water does rise and fall creating these "wave/tides". My WIP - drainage in progress:
  6. That is why there is backup (aka the Long Walk) that runs parallel to it. There comes a point where building transformers just to power them becomes inefficient in terms of space and material. I know because that is how I powered it in the beginning. If you are going to be power short, then you wouldn't be building transit tubes. Short routes are inefficient because firepole down is way faster. I noticed this because dupes take the fastest method and they always took the firepole for the same distance down over transit tubes. Going up, they are faster but below a certain distance, the time to go up and down via conventional means is faster than transit tube. That is why my internal core base hub doesn't have tubes; short traversed distances vs required power and space requirements. Also, one other thing: If your dupes don't have T3 that negates the suits' atheletic debuffs, transit tubes are DEFINITELY faster. So, I usually (ie, almost always) build them outside the suitdocks. PS. My suit docks exits take up much more power since I have sets of 5 exits x 8-10 docks. PSS. No, wait, my supercoolant aquatuners chilling the base to a nice 0C eat more power. PSSS. No, wait, my steam turbine regenerative power system negates that aquatuner power loss. PSSSS. Yes, I agree with the people that say they don't use transit tubes on the smaller asteroids; my transit tube network is primarily on the huge starting classic asteroid. And on the water asteroid where it links the top "floating" section of the base to the main base at the seabed.
  7. My experience: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Transit tubes should be linking highly travelled(mostly), long distance (definitely) locations, usually where horizontal travelling is required. Firepole iirc is the fastest travel mode. I usually put it between two distant points; usually outside my suitdocks and the far place I want to reach, like my launch pad or deep into my oil reservoir. Don't connect them with transformers: I directly tap into the main heavy current line running through my base. Firepoles and ladders are good enough for short distances as firepoles are faster. I cannot remember where I saw transit tube speed but if given choice between transit and firepole, dupes take firepole for the same vertical distance. The biggest downside (if you don't use a mod) is that the 'tubes cannot cross firepoles and ladders. Also, you use them in areas you completely seal off with different atmospheres. From the wiki:
  8. The solution to your problem? Build MOAARRR!!
  9. At least it doesn't go critical like the reactor. >_>
  10. From my experience length does matter and the game prioritizes the shorter length. I've frequently encountered it when I loopback a long section of pipe without a bridge into a conditional bridge build (the one where it will fill the primary line if it is empty). Without putting direction bridges in that long section, it will reverse flow instead instead of going the direction I want.
  11. It looks like something similar happening here to me I believe it may be a custom object in the game that is breaking it on load as it won't even load even after disabling all the mods.
  12. Time to irradiate all my waste water. >_> 40,000,000,000,000 rads ought to be enough.
  13. To put things in perspective, some games are still in _beta_ (ie, 0.10.8) for the last 6 years and they are charging obscene amounts of money for their gambleboxes. At least ONI has a properly released game after some time in development.