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  1. This is my first time posting on here. I guess it's just the heat of the moment getting to me and I need to rant. And I am wondering if someone's offensive and bothersome behaviors that caused trouble for other players in these Klei Official Servers for DST would get them punished or not (maybe something like a strike/warning). So, I was playing in a Klei Official Server for DST called Slurtle Slime. I was starting up my own base while the others in the game had set up their base (mainly because I prefer to have a base closer to the beefalo herds in case of hound attacks). So, I think by day 10-11, someone texted into the game saying they want to rollback because they had a birch monster. I found it really ridiculous and stupid because they basically had at least 3-4 people using that base and I felt like they should be able to handle one birch monster on their own. And if they cannot, then they shouldn't had chopped down any birch trees to begin with (I try to only cut down pine trees for that reason - I find tree guards a lot more easier to take care of). And then, apparently, someone was smart enough to set the birch monster on fire (?) so they burnt down their base. At least that's what I think happened because the conversation was everywhere and I wasn't physically at their base at that moment. Finding the entire situation absurd, I rejected the idea of rolling back because I already found chester and I didn't want to rebuild my base. We voted and I think it was 2-3. I don't really remember the exact numbers of votes, but in the end, we didn't roll back. Another person who found my base earlier was staying with me and we invited them to our base instead so they don't have to start from zero. Everything was going fine for the next few days. Then after a night of shaving beefalos, I came back to the base and found everything torched to the ground. Asking someone, apparently the player who requested to rollback earlier was using a firestaff and had purposefully set everything off on fire. The culprit came back holding the firestaff and was trying to justify his actions by saying something along the line of "now you both know how it feels for us when our base burned down and you guys were mean and didn't want to roll back." I found his/her actions really childish and stupid. In the end, I'd just left the game because I was getting hungry and didn't want to deal with the situation. In the beginning, I thought I was being nice enough to let them join me so they don't have to build everything from scratch. However, apparently, that person really only joined our base to take revenge (?) even though it wasn't even my fault that they burnt down their own base. Relatively, I usually have a fairly good experience from these Klei servers (well, this time is an exception). I don't wish this to become something too common because it can really be a turn off for everyone else who have a habits of joining such servers. I wonder if there is anything that can be done about these situations? Or if anyone wanna share about similar experiences, feel free to reply to this thread.