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  1. Work in progress shots: Gem area- Leafy meat farm- Ingredients bundling wrap zone- Mini Warly kitchen- Stone fruit farm @warlockadamm did-
  2. Me and @Warlockadamm just discovered if your boat breaks and you have sculptures on it, they will sink to the bottom and appear as "underwater salvageable" that can be fished out with a pinchin' winch. We looked it up and it's actually noted on the wiki that other heavy objects like the suspicious marble, celestial altar pieces, cave-in boulders, etc will also do the same. Link to more about it here. Edit:
  3. Have I posted this yet? Can’t remember. Here’s what my endless mega-base world’s portal looks like. Going to be making this server public at some point ^-^’
  4. Wes and Wigfrid. She makes up for where he lacks in almost all aspects and she is also loud enough for the both of them. Wes' insanity can help a Wigfrid farm nightmare fuel which can get kind of tedious at times. Also they are both technically performers that don't break their role no matter what, so cute.
  5. Idea for a chess board design I started in my world on PS4 but had to destroy before I got to finish (for lag reasons). Took so long to smash the walls and then so many hammers to destroy them oof
  6. Yeah I don't know, they didn't even give her her normal nostrils. Did a quick edit to her nose and just doing that makes it look more like her imo, lol.
  7. This doesn't seem to be in god mode but idk. Anyway great job with this @emin61, I play reforged for hours every day (I’m not even kidding) and think there should be more videos on it. The forge community feels very small it’s a shame, it’s such a great game mode. I’m surprised you used the silken grand over the steadfast grand. It would scare me to solo swine without the extra health and knock back resistance lol.
  8. @gaymime This looks great so far I love how spacious you made everything and how wide the openings in your walls are. It makes your base feel like the inside of a home and that it is separate from the “outside” world without feeling totally claustrophobic. I hate when people put heaps walls in tiny areas with the smallest of openings, it makes it so difficult to get around and it’s very impractical. x @Blue Moth These screenshots satisfy my OCD, so symmetrical and pretty- I love them so much. The theatre for Wigfrid is sooo gooood!
  9. I just rotate my point of view. (By pressing Q / E on your keyboard or L1 / R1 on your controller. I do it on a 3x3 tile plot of land with a carpet tile in the middle for reference- crafting the farms in a circle around that.
  10. Of course! I don't mind at all ^-^ Like @Charlie Dark said, I used The Architect Pack mod to get the "Stone Road" turf from Hamlet for the road and one of the interior floorings from Hamlet for the floor inside the kitchen area. x
  11. I think the problem is more so when people are playing in a cooperative server but end up just doing everything alone (sometimes for the flex, sometimes they think they’re being helpful). A lot of people play in public co-op servers to actually... play together, do things together. Some are learning and want the experience. It is very disappointing when you want to go do something with a group of people and you find out it’s already been done by someone else- all alone, usually never asking anyone if they wanted to come with. Communication is key when playing together. If you’re going to do something, ask if it’s okay or if others want to join, etc.