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  1. After decontructing an aquatuner made of steel I found a tile made of steel 2 tile below the aquatuner position. linking the 2 save file from before and after the bug before: after:
  2. The notifier send an Alert when he receive a green signal, the notify will then remain for a "short" period as it's use should be to notify you that something changed, if you want a constant reminder you could set an automation signal only for that: a xor gate linked to a filter gate linked to the same xor gate and the output of the filter to another notifier.
  3. You should add you save file and your log to help the developers.
  4. It a problem with the debris in general, they don't transfer heat as well as a tile or other object, you can try to bury them into a steel door to transfer heat, or use a taming volcano tutorial to make use of the molten copper like this:
  5. I was looking at my dupe when he took a Data Bank and put it inside of the rocket. I saved and reloaded the save file, it was still inside. I'm attaching both the autosave before the bug(The Loveliest Space Hut Cycle 371.sav) and the save I made after(data bank bug.sav).
  6. Requires Water: 50 kg per research point Duplicant operation Advanced Research skill it does say it in the description, probably what happened was just some water was left from previous research, so it was not empty, but nor it had enough to do a full research point
  7. I'm assuming you mean breaktime when you say breakdown, but the breaktime overrides yellow alert, while red alert overrides everything.
  8. If I remember correctly the errand of fling a rocket is not shown on the rocket himself, but as the sweep errand, it's shown on the dupe. You should look at your dupe to see where the errand went.
  9. Not weird, it just underflows to 0, this is not a bug, it's just the way computer works rn
  10. This is not a bug, if you click the room overlay you'll see that the room that the critter drop off is in is larger than you think as you never closed it.
  11. Because in the inventory it can't change state, what you can do is using some petroleum, heat it and use some pipe to pass trough the crude oil to exchange heat, or you could try and use a petroleum boiler. You can also visualize this "bug" feature with water above the 100° inside the refinery. One last thing that you can try is emptying the storage and dump it using a bottle emptier it should change without breaking.
  12. The last thing I can recommend is using an app like CCleaner to remove every trace of the game (from the registry) and install it again or wait if a developer answers you with better solutions.
  13. Finished the test. It appears that the ice exchanges heat very easily while inside the tile as expected, it does not exchanges heat whit insulation so no bug here, two material on the same tile exchange heat very easily, from the v2 of the bug you can see that insulated tile retain the heat and does not become hot again in a hotter environment. v1 and v2 are the same experiments, one in a vacuum and one in 20° oxygen. ice bug v1.sav ice bug v2.sav
  14. Material inside other material rapidly exchanges heat if also an insulated tile made of insulation exchange heat there probably is a bug, might test it later.
  15. It happened to me, I solved by renaming the folder Klei in your Documents, and then copying back my saved games, so that I didn't lose any games, try this and tell if it worked.
  16. The shower works like the metal refiner, that's why it does not get hot if you want it to get hotter just use the normal pipes.
  17. It probably depends on how the game is coded so that an atmo-suit will not trigger breath recovering animation and will not be considered as a spot in which recover breath. BTW the breath recovering animation let your dupes recover breath faster (3% if i remember well).
  18. I think that this doesn't happen for easier readability and ease of use. It's easier to select from a list which you know the selected critter will eat.
  19. It's probably because of the packets of ice being 20 kg, while the floor tile is 200 kg, so it probably exchanged heat very quickly whit the first packet of ice, while for the last it got cold enough, but post your save files to be sure of that.
  20. Dirt is eaten by both hatch and shove vole, so if any of those go near the feeder it can interact with it, it's not a bug, is just how it works, critter can eat from them and what's inside determines who can, you can't avoid a vole to eat, but you can avoid to place it there.
  21. In those case just press f4 to see the element overlay.
  22. So the problem is the unconstructive trait probably (WHY DID YOU TOOK THAT TRAIT IN EARLY GAME?), simply the digging of space for new buildings is a "construction dig" so the poor Turner is afraid that this dig could help other to build, simply for now change builder and use the ladderless method of digging up and down.