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  1. @Gwido That's intentional. A wire can't overload if there's not even enough power available to even draw the overloading amount. I also believe you're implying generators overload wire, but that is not the case.
  2. As you can see, the transformers are at full charge in this screenshot and the bridge is taking damage while the batteries are getting charged. Therefore it appears the hypothesis that when the internal transformer battery reads full this doesn't happen is incorrect. Good hypothesis though.
  3. Wires on the high sides of transformers are overloading when you try to use the wire at max capacity. I tried different loads, different wires, and different combinations of transformers. When 20kW of transformer draw is placed on heavy watt wire, it will break. When 2kW of transformer draw is placed on conductive wire, it will break. Etc. As you can see in the energy tab, the transformer draw totals 20kW. From the mouse over you can see the current load is at capacity. Yet the wire (in this case a bridge, but it will break just wire as well) overloads. This is not consistent with previous behavior. We were able to have 5 large transformers on heavy watt wire before without issues, as well as 2 small transformers on conductive wire. Here's a link to a reddit post where someone else was having issues
  4. Power Shutoffs get stuck in the off state, despite receiving a green automation signal. There's been several other threads on this issue before; the most recent is from @mathmanican and is posted here: Through my testing, I have confirmed it has nothing to do with smart batteries, the issue is with power shutoffs, it doesn't effect red automation signal only the green one, the power shutoff can be reset by giving it a red signal, doesn't appear to effect other automation controlled devices, the source of the automation signal seems irrelevant, the inactive/enabled status messages are different depending on if a power shutoff had it's automation signal changed before or after the save/load, and I found the condition that triggers the bug (see next section).
  5. I've done some additional testing, and I'm commenting here since this seems to be the most recent (and very well linked) example. So, I can reproduce this easily with a single not gate battery flipper/toggle design like you'd see in a "replace heavy watt wire with regular wire" type power design. All I need to do is set the toggling smart battery to the same percentage for both sliders. This seems to get me >10% bug reproduction rate (I'm using 50 battery flippers). When I change the sliders to say 10% apart, then it becomes very difficult to reproduce the bug, but it does still happen. Now as for when the bug is triggering... Well I let the game run for a bit without issue. In this test, as well as actual playthroughs, it has always occurred when loading the game for me. I have tested auto saves and regular saves, both do it. I have tested loading from in the game, from the main menu, after closing the game, and after crashing the game. All were able to reproduce the bug. Therefore, I believe this issue has to do with the smart battery toggling states during a save, and then that not being handled properly when loading that save. Additionally, I wire my power shutoffs in pairs, and the pair is always messed up together. To fix the bug (reliably, every time), I've been able to get everything back to normal by toggling the color of the power shutoff's automation wire to the opposite color. The same setup is still vulnerable to the bug in the future, even if you fix it once. My apologies if I don't reply here, I prefer Reddit and only usually come here for bug stuff.
  6. When transformers are hooked in series they'll draw 5x more power than they should (5kW vs 1kW for the small, 20kW vs 4kW for the large). The issue persists through multiple setup configurations, multiple power draw sources, multiple wires, multiple transformers, and multiple restarts of the game.