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  1. Hey I ran into a really weird bug with the character's speech for the DST version of this. I gave my character custom speech and after a few in-game days my character reverts back to using Wilson's speech lines and I have no idea how to fix it. Does anybody know what causes that and how to fix it?
  2. New modder here, I'm having a problem with the speech of my character mod. The issue is with the custom speech, for whatever reason the custom speech works fine for the first few times I use my world, but after a while my character reverts back to using Wilson's lines (the default I chose) and the only way I can make his lines go back to his custom ones is to outright delete the world and make a new one, but that's only a temporary fix and I don't want to delete my world. I followed the advice in this thread but it still doesn't work. Any idea on what's causing it or how to fix it?