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  1. UPDATE: Yellow alert stays if the numeric priority is unmarked. Right now, you can highlight a digit for priority and click same digit again to clear the highlight. A building with no highlighted priority when yellow alert is finished will not clear the yellow alert. You need to highlight a priority to clear the yellow alert. The issue on this bug report is cleared; but this is still a bug (clearing a priority).
  2. Time was approaching night, and the outhouses needed to be emptied. Yellow alert for the emptying tidying job, but after they're emptied and refilled, yellow alert is permanently on, and cannot (re)toggle yellow alert off. Now is a permanent yellow border and marks for top priority that can't be cleared. saved and closed the map, reloaded with yellow alert still on. Cannot find ONI output_log.txt with directions below at common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\output_log.txt - file doesn't exist SCF-yellow bug.sav