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  1. All right, I backed my save up to the cloud, deleted it from my console, and tried generating a customized world. It worked without any trouble at all. I guess my save is somehow the culprit. Hope this gets fixed.
  2. A friend said I should try that but I'd rather not lose all of my progress since I've unlocked most of the characters. Is there a way I can backup my save to test this suggestion?
  3. See title. Bought DS on Switch a couple months ago and haven't had any problems with it until a couple days ago after dying. Generating a new world using any custom settings whatsoever (including settings which used to work!) now causes the game to crash as soon as it loads me in. Upon running the game again, a save file will be in the saved game list, but loading it crashes the game. I think the game might be generating a corrupt world, but that's just a guess. I have a Webber save in a heavily customized world with nearly 100 days of playtime, including in a Shipwrecked world, and that save still works just fine. Making a new world is impossible unless I want to play on default settings. I've tried a bunch of different settings during generation to isolate the problem but haven't come up with anything. ie it doesn't seem to matter which settings I modify, just that if I deviate from default at all, it's not going to work. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and that didn't help either. My Switch isn't modified in any way and I know there's no problems with the microSD I have the game installed on. I'm at a loss here. I can provide additional information if necessary.