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  1. Once the game returns to the normal view after the completion sequence, the mouseover tooltips in the main window no longer appear until loading a save. Mouseover tooltips on other windows (like Vitals, database info popups) do still work.
  2. Superbly Disgusting

    This is true, but I always thought it's pretty silly that if even 1 germ exists on a piece of food, Dupes are entirely grossed out. There should probably by a boundary point that's slightly higher than 0 heh.
  3. Since at least LU-358267 (or one version before), I've been having seemingly random 'hitches' in the game that hadn't been happening before. I was testing a build in space in a sandbox save and I noticed that the hitch actually coincides with the broken planet spawning in on the left of the screen. Though it's not an immediate thing... you see the planet spawn, a brief period of time passes (about a second at slowest game speed, but it is game speed dependant), then the game hitches slightly and the planet starts moving.