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  1. ciao ragazzi spero che vada tutto bene ho appena coltivato una carota gigante e quando vado a raccoglierla da terra vi è invisibile da questo problema sono su ps4 come posso mostrare a uno sviluppatore il problema?
  2. What is it can't play help me joooo


  3. elite pigs need to be active for a little longer i used them today for the first time and i was a little disappointed with their time before they left
  4. Rock lobester outside cave in DST i think is good idea for new strategy for boos but i think  the rock lobster have need a reduction hp

  5. hi joew I am writing to you from Italy and I am using the translator to write to you and I hope you can read this message, surely you have a lot of work to do what I would like and that if the team has ever thought that you can give life to willow's plush at will, that is bernie
    I'm a ps4 player I don't understand why when I attack certain bosses the hits don't hit you too?
    1. DJO7000


      Post stuff like this in the bug tracker

  7. to make an oven available forever in order to create new recipes would not be bad beyond the pot ... obviously I am referring to something that can be built by everyone