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  1. today I managed to tame a beefalo without the help of the bell but I must admit that it could help a lot who starts to try the domestication but I did not understand if my domestic beefalo can lose its domestication if it is neglected
  2. I think the idea of two players on a beefalo is excellent for moving with inexperienced players I thought of it when inexperienced players came in and wanted to be helped I think it is great to take them with you and help them at the same time for the second player I think it is excellent to go with the host at the same time to kill a boss destroy spiders' nests or take resources or show various areas of the map such as the oasis and beach that is activated in summer and much more the domestication has not been changed and then now we have the bells thanks to the befaloo event but I will speak to you in case the event was not there
  3. I am using the beefalo in my world and during a fight what takes damage is the beefalo except the seal that damages me you could do that during a fight and the beefalo to take damage while if the seal attacks you with the blowpipe it damages the driver or both
  4. yes it's true but with beefalo you are much more free to move and be able to go anywhere without using any useful gem for anything else thanks for replying
  5. hello I'm Italian and I use the translator it's a bit difficult for me to express myself here but thank you that someone likes this idea I think it's enough just to be able to accompany a player to base or go with a player to the place of a boss or arena in which you will face the boss I would not want to upset the game much but the place of who guides the beefalo can be made so that you can collect objects as you do currently in the game and it would be nice to look for the tracks to hunt directly on the beefalo but now how can we get this idea to the developers? Joew
  6. you could make a special saddle with two slots and pick up two players it wouldn't be a bad idea to move with a friend or maybe take a new player and bring him to base
  7. What is it can't play help me joooo


  8. sorry I'm Italian and I often use the translator you can tell me what your answer means thanks in advance
  9. Will the year of the beefalo also bring a reworking of domestication?
  10. elite pigs need to be active for a little longer i used them today for the first time and i was a little disappointed with their time before they left
  11. Rock lobester outside cave in DST i think is good idea for new strategy for boos but i think  the rock lobster have need a reduction hp

  12. hi joew I am writing to you from Italy and I am using the translator to write to you and I hope you can read this message, surely you have a lot of work to do what I would like and that if the team has ever thought that you can give life to willow's plush at will, that is bernie