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  1. oh my God I love it!!! tysm! this is so adorable and that Chester is big time C H O N K, youre so detailed and stuff this is so nice to look at I agree! it would be amazing if Warly had his own weapon and OF COURSE it should be a wooden spoon omggg
  2. Hello! I love all of your doodles so far omg, could you please draw Wilson hanging out with Warly?
  3. Wilsons

    thank you! and no, not really by any cartoons at all, I mostly just look at other peoples' art and put myself art to make my own more eye-catching than others A fully colored Wilson for good!
  4. Wilsons

    It wasn't intended to look dirty lol but it's ok because now I know how to color things to look dirty Also yeah, the sketching part is easy, but coloring takes patience and blending
  5. Wilsons

    Never be fearful of criticizing an artist because this is so constructive and helpful! I agree with every word you say,, I'm working hard on my coloring style because rn its so bland! ty again! More Wilsons! This time its coloring practice I've been doing for the several past days
  6. Wilsons

    Yeah, I went back to readjusting some stuff because my friends pointed out he looks off
  7. Wilsons

    Roseate and Shadow skins mash-ups, definitely my favorite two for Wilson!
  8. He's a very colorful boi and I love him
  9. Wilsons

    I made this edit earlier, feel free to repost :]]]
  10. I made a speedpaint of Warly!

    omg fr? what a coincidence!
  11. Wilsons

    It's ok, they are sleeping because its dawn Who knows, maybe he would be a weeb if he was born in the right time, haha tysm ure so sweet Oki, then this will be my only art thread from now on
  12. Wilsons

    These were all drawn on different dates, that's why the quality varies so much
  13. I made a speedpaint of Warly!

    Omg yes, bless u, my friends really appreciate this stuff
  14. I made a speedpaint of Warly!

    Oh my God Oh my God I was about to follow you because I love your drawing where Wilson is holding some cuddly bees! tysm! tysm!!! ure sweet
  15. :]]]]