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  1. This sparked way more discussion than I expected. Thank you all for the advice. There's quite a lot to go through here. I must not be making myself very clear: I have steam turbines. I am running many steam turbines. I can cool my dupes too, that is not a long-term problem. The long-term problem is the slow, entropic death of my asteroid as every biome approaches 100C from geysers, and my pondering whether this produces an inevitable end to every map. After getting a better solar setup, I think that the energy injected into this system by the heatless and infinite solar energy is what can provide you the capacity to endlessly relocate heat. Still, waste heat may one day be so high that even the maximum energy that can be extracted from an optimal solar array won't be enough to continue to relocate it (but dupes may all be dead from the temp by that point anyway). I'm still interested in actual heat deletion. @avc15 has a very compelling idea, and I definitely want to tinker with mass expulsion of some kind. Others mention that an electrolyzer can achieve a high degree of actual heat deletion. I had never thought of using the regolith in a boiler, which is a great idea. I'll be trying to go through more of the responses and absorb them tomorrow. I got up to 1242 and things are looking a lot more positive, but I'm still gunning to make it to 10,000 somehow (yeah I know the game will die a ups death eventually - I'm used to it from Factorio).
  2. I already have steam turbines over every single volcano and geyser source and some over magma. Some of these are successful setups, some are failures (or run only a small amount of time like for the iron volcano). The problem isn't quite that I can't set up a steam turbine, it's that I can't find an affordable power setup for doing so. Entropy spreads heat out over time, and the game models this faithfully. To concentrate it again in a chamber (without a natural heat source), it takes energy. The creation of energy makes more heat, with the exception of solar. I'm trying to figure out the math of exchange for heat from generating energy versus that sucked up by the turbine, but can't find a positive loop, and lack some of the equations anyway. I don't think steam turbines "delete" heat in the way that term has been used. They convert it back to energy in the form of electricity. But I don't have enough of the formulas to know that for sure. I've tried dozens of chamber steam turbine setups. I'm on cycle 1300 and have spent hundreds of cycles doing so. The power requirements of the aquatuner are prohibitive. For reference, every single square of coal on my map was burned long ago. I have 3 natural gas geysers, all tapped, going to TONS of tanks, but they are often dormant. Hydrogen gets burned. I have no excess. Oil gets burned. I'm tapping both wells on the map. Those get burned. I'm tapping all the volcanos, but they are often dormant. My stone hatches can only do so much. I don't have a renewable source of dirt (it's all gone) so wood burning is out. I've already cooked vast amounts of slime to dirt. I can't keep it up. Everything is obviously automated so that not a joule of energy gets wasted. Every wheezewort seed on the map is being put to use sucking up the hottest gas I can give it, but even cooling oxygen before dispersal is not helping the overall situation. So power is at a premium, and I simply do not have it after 1k cycles to spam these big aquatuner setups anymore. I have set them up, of course, and iterated on them over and over. In many of those setups, a single aquatuner would not boil water, even after 300 cycles. I do not know why. I feel like I'm either playing the game wrong, or people are proudly posting setups that only work in the short term. I've watched so many videos and read so many threads and reproduced it all and so much stuff just doesn't seem to work anymore because of changes to the thermodynamics of the game. I might get something short term, but short term is not the problem. Additional problems is that everything is so hot now that I need a cooling system for my steam turbines simply to get them to run, but there is no excess energy and nowhere to dump waste heat anyway, since I am losing the ability to afford aquatuners. I just built a chamber in space for an experiment to make steam for my rockets, and after 100 cycles of piping hot petroleum through the aquatuners there the water still wouldn't boil reliably. That's a lot of precious energy to keep that thing at 1200w for so long. So I gave up and turned back to natural sources of steam. To utilize steam turbines to harness heat for power, I need the energy to concentrate that heat to get water to the boiling point. I don't have enough energy to do that, because everything is too hot because I can't get rid of heat...it's a circular problem. I've been working on getting every square inch of surface filled with automatically-cleaning solar power based on the theory that the heatless electricity they provide will be my salvation, but it's a long slog.
  3. I'm coming up on cycle 900 and it's apparent I have a problem with no solution. The ENTIRE asteroid is getting hot. It's so hot my dupes can't run around the corridors near the printer without scalding damage. It is raining hot sludge in every single biome. This is not because I have been piping in heat, rather I have been using every single wheezewort and every single AETN (3) on the map nonstop since before turn 100 as well as a base-wide cooling system with a hydrogen medium, and several hundred turns moving heat away with thermo regulators. The problem afaict seems to be that, with the removal of heat deletion from most (all?) machinery/sieving methods, the only way to delete heat is with wheezeworts and AETNs, and both have a fixed DTU/s capacity. With the asteroid being a closed system, one cannot possibly generate more heat than this capacity without eventual doom, and the amount of geysers on the map - not to mention the necessary heat simply generated by dupe living requirements - hugely exceed this capacity. I have steam turbines over every single volcano and hot geyser, but they do not seem to be the solution I hoped they would be. As an example, there is a corner of my base with a swamp biome with a natural gas geyser and a magma volcano. I have been burning the gas for power and using the magma for steam. I have never done anything else to this biome, but it is now over 105C in all gasses and about 95C in all solids. This is all passive heat from the geysers over 900 cycles. Googling this is hopeless, as every single discussion is either out-of-date with respect to the launch update, or hopelessly mired in confusion by people who don't understand the problem. I'm not interested in what someone did for cooling before cycle 200. I am trying to understand what must be done to keep a base going for thousands of cycles, or indefinitely. So, some questions: Given the heat transfer equations, is heat removal with wheezeworts and AETN an elastic capacity that can be optimized or is it purely fixed? My research suggests wheezewort is elastic (with an optimal 12k DTU/s upper bound) and AETN is fixed (80k DTU/S) The power requirements of Thermo Regulators are very high, and they can only move heat anyway. Is there any way to utilize them for a net loss of heat? I've tried a dozen setups, but because of the heat generated by their power needs, everything seems to be a net gain in heat. Gasses expelled from a geyser provide infinite mass. Is it viable to superheat this gas and expel it into space periodically to delete heat? Are there any remaining "heat deletion" methods besides WW and AETN? How does one keep a base in thermal equilibrium for thousands of cycles?