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  1. A quick art dump since I've neglected this thread: 2022-01-24 - "Inseperable Sisters" 2022-05-05 - "Name that Griftlands Card - part 2" 2022-05-17 - "The Constant teaches many harsh lessons..." 2022-05-06 - "Tough and Angry" 2022-05-06 - "Bloodied, tough and angry" Mild blood version of above image. "Alright, now I'm MAD." --- Anyway because of art thieves, I will mention that at this point I have only posted these under Discord and Steam as "CorsairsEdge" and will possibly post these on reddit, DA and twitter under the same username at some point.
  2. Thanks! I use Sketchable for a lot of the rough line art then I use Photoshop for everything else from colours to animation and effects.
  3. 11-Aug-21 Finished an image floating around on my laptop since last year. "Odin is (singing) with us!" Higher Quality Version (46 MB) I've only posted to my Twitter, the Klei and DS/DST Discord servers, DA and Steam all under "CorsairsEdge" Anywhere else is not me posting and I have not allowed it.
  4. 12-Aug-20 Reworked the Willow drawing from last year, and added animation! Willow's resolve is tested... FOCUSED. "A moment of clarity in the eye of the (fire)storm..."
  5. Some more forum sketches: Context - Should RoT have more hostile mobs/biomes? Three mobs were suggested, thought I'd give them a go. What I'm now calling a Battlenosed Ballphin: Some sort of moon jelly hybrid was suggested, this is where my mind went: Ornamental Octopi, blends with coral. Not effective against hugs from Wurt: Context - "How could bacoons be implemented in the future?" They have goods to trade if Wortox has coin. Results vary if you are a fish or a spider. I may go back to this sketch to colour it. Was tons of fun. --- Thank you! Quite genuinely, now I'm a little self conscious since looking back I don't think I have too many dynamic poses... so I really don't know! I just pick what'll look good in my head. Doesn't always work, so I constantly revise it and change it... doesn't always work out in the end, but I try to learn from it.
  6. Thank you both so much! I definitely plan to post more around here! Thanks! That was one of my favorite recent sketches, and was also quite happy with Wigfrid's expression too! Conversely, Maxwell's ghost expression is harder to do than I thought. You know, for a couple of dots and some lines... ... It still has me stumped! This one is irritation, I hope. (Not at you! Max's ghost face!) Thank you, I hope to keep up with the quality!
  7. A couple of sketches from the forums: Context - "Idea for Gnarwail horn" where a lance was suggested, I sketched the following based on using a similar recipe to the Morning Star: Context - "Dear Klei, can we have Saladmander younglings as critters?" caught my attention. I don't necessarily agree that critters should have abilities (or rest on your shoulder! Madness!) but the idea struck me as interesting enough. Had a blast making these: Context - "Is Valentines Charlie's Holiday to send a message to Maxwell?" where I thought, yes. Yes it is:
  8. Hello everyone! Thought I might share my DST art here on the forums with a dedicated post. I've decided to use my extra time to be a little more active around here whether it be to post occasional sketches for random topics that catch my interest or to chime in with a pun or two. You might have seen some of my art floating around Reddit (as u/corsairsedge) Steam or DA (both under CorsairsEdge) Discord (CorsairsEdge#1720) Twitter (@corsairsedge) and if not, hello! I hope you enjoy checking out my work as much as I've enjoyed making them. I'll put all my current completed pieces in reverse chronological order for now and explain a little bit of the context. Depending on how legible the format is, I'll continue to periodically update this post with the link to the most recent at the top and oldest at the bottom, then follow with unfinished and random sketches in another post. More recent posts added to thread instead. Let me know which format works better, or if you'd prefer everything in order of oldest to newest (or in separate posts) to see how I've progressed. 19-Mar-20 "Nothing in life but mist" - A drawing I did for the Wendy rework, the title and image being a reference to Aisling's Song from a lovely animation called The Secret of Kells. --- 15-Mar-20 "Thunder Before Lightning" - A Wigfrid with her Merrymaker outfit heavily inspired by one of my favorite games, The Banner Saga. The title is one of the songs from the soundtrack I had on a loop while making it. I particularly enjoyed making the background of this! I tried as much as possible to emulate the style of that game, with a DST twist. --- 12-Mar-20 "At home in wild places, she is a stalwart survivor..." - Made in anticipation for the Wendy rework, I decided to draw Survivor Wendy. At this point in time I still had the idea to make a reference to The Secret of Kells, hence the kittykit (that I've decided to name Pangur Bán), but decided that would be better suited for whatever Klei planned for the rework. --- 19-Oct-19 "Fire-Witch Willow" - For a while, I enjoyed this particular outfit for Willow. It was my go-to outfit whenever I joined public servers and kept to myself in the wilds or the ruins. Of note, I liked subtly putting in the Terrorbeak in the shape of the "Iron Crown" from Darkest Dungeon. --- 06-Jul-19 "A brilliant confluence of skill and purpose!" - I loved the idea of Wigfrid using an eyebrella as a shield... So I decided to put it to pen. This would be the third and last of the Darkest Dungeon "Virtue Halo" pieces... for now. --- 27-May-19 "Moonshard Mercenaries" - They tread beyond the reach of reality! I was excited for the Turn of the Tides update, and I was not disappointed! This one was heavily inspired by this promotional image for Darkest Dungeon's Color of Madness DLC. Or I suppose, this piece of music from said DLC. Originally there was lightning arcing from Wicker's hands and a bolt striking Wigfrid's spear from above, but I decided that was too distracting, so I'd use that in the next piece... --- 11-Mar-19 "Sisters of Battle: a bond formed in life, strengthened in death..." - The second piece (of what I hoped to be a longer series) of Darkest Dungeon-esque drawings. Part of me wants to do a 2020 rework of this drawing, because I wasn't entirely happy with how it turned out. I still use this outfit for Wendy... --- 02-Mar-19 "In Radiance..." - I really loved making this one! I had this idea in my head for a little while of making a Darkest Dungeon Virtue-Halo for each of the characters and decided to draw one for Willow with her lighter after a lengthy period of procrastination. This is my main outfit for Willow. This is my probably my favorite DST drawing, even among my more recent ones. --- 03-Feb-19 "The shadows fear us now." - This was done in celebration of me and a group of friends beating the Fuelweaver for the first time in a public server. What an accomplishment that was at the time! We could never keep a server alive long enough to do this before it reset. If I recall correctly, someone made a Darkest Dungeon quote when I posted it on reddit, which put an idea in my head... --- And that's it! Hopefully this post wasn't too long and you got through it alright. I do have some older DS/DST drawings but I reckon I've improved a lot since then and don't really want to put them here. If you have any ideas on what to draw next, feel free to drop a suggestion, I'd love to give it a go (time permitting!)