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  1. The generic turf examination line could be used.
  2. (Good voice, examination lines, fun perks, and great skins.)
  3. ..? This continues right off of the content introduced in Forgotten Knowledge, where is this update MMO-esque?
  4. State of Wurt? Probably Louisiana, It's swampy. (She's a relatively medium difficulty character who relies on allies to perform exceptionally, she ramps up significantly the later you get in the game, but is still relatively good at the start, if you aren't interested in the other weavable characters I'd say give it a shot, as she has more unique gameplay compared to some of the other survivors, even with being a perk swamp.)
  5. Glass Cutter deals more damage over less time, meaning a quicker fight. While the axe may be theoretically better moon glass wise, I don't want to age 30 years fighting fuel weaver.
  6. Core Gameplay, DST/DS have a very solid base, and all updates so far have avoided touching the core of the game too much. Any change too this would be most likely very divisive.
  7. I remember this existing in... I think the first RoT beta? I spawned it in with messing it around, and it I remember it catching "Ant-chovies", like Ant fish? Or maybe I was having a fever dream.