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  1. @Nettalie and I played around in the beta a bit, and would like to share our thoughts on the modules and how to improve some of them in their current state. Hardy Circuit/Hardy Circuit 2.0 These ones are pretty good as is, the normal Hardy Circuit taking up one slot is nice for filling out the last bit of an uneven loadout. Having a new max of 600 HP is fair to make up for not having the benefits of other modules like the old upgrade system. Super Processing Unit This one could probably be reduced to take up one slot since sanity isn't the most valuable stat to have. Taking up two slots makes this generally not worth using over other options. Drone Master Circuit This one is interesting, increasing sanity and giving a regeneration affect to health and sanity is a nice enough perk. But the perk might be too overall ineffective for how many slots it takes up and how cumbersome it is to get. The slots it takes up could be reduced to two, or the effect could be made stronger. Chorus Box Circuit Nice and funny item. Could probably be reduced to two slots to make it more combo-able with other circuits. I enjoy the small detail of a metronome being added on stacking two of them. Gastro Expansion Circuit Fine enough as is, could probably use a small buff but doesn't desperately need one. Acceleration Circuit/Acceleration Circuit 2.0 Pretty balanced as far as speed boosts go, these are pretty well designed in their current state. Thermal Circuit/Refrigerant Circuit These two could either have their cost reduced or be given more temperature related perks, messing with temperature could be funner! Electrification Circuit This one is fine as is and pretty balanced and fun to use! Optoelectronic Circuit Pretty expensive, but the effect is also worth the cost. Provides a nice benefit and could be useful for early game and late game alike! Unlike... Illumination Circuit WAY too expensive for the very small benefit it provides. The cost could be reduced down to two. The only benefit this provides over Optoelectronic is teamplay, but huddling around one person is not really fun anyways. Not worth the cost. Other Thoughts Regaining energy is a bit too harsh right now, encouraging using one loadout for most of your gameplay. Kind of goes against the whole "mix n match" playstyle this refresh seems to be promoting. Would be nice to be able to switch out easier. Generators charging WX is a very nice synergy, but the effectiveness of it could be buffed a bit. (How much charge it takes off the generator could be reduced.) Lightning rods should be able to hold multiple charges based on how much they are struck. Electric damage should partially recharge WX's battery. Electric-themed food should also provide this effect, but maybe to a lesser extent. Ending Thanks Overall, this is a very enjoyable refresh and a great direction to take the character in. We heavily enjoyed messing around with all the new stuff, and feel it only needs a few small changes to be one of the better refreshes. Glad you're doing a beta again to get feedback, thanks for the fun update! Addendum Thought of a few ideas for some additional sources for some of the circuits. Super Processing Unit Crawling Horror Chorus Box Circuit Pearl, Mandrakes Refrigerant Circuit Ice Hounds, Ice Bream Thermal Circuit Fire Hounds, Scorching Sunfish
  2. Wow! I don't hate this game anymore! Awesome! This is so cool! This news is exciting to me! Wow! Can you believe it guys!
  3. Here y'go. Anyways, thanks to the devs for putting up with the forums! The forums. Really appreciate the work y'all put into the game and your community, glad to be a part of it and looking forward to new updates.
  4. Shell Beach Turf's one year anniversary of having character quotes is coming on May 5th!
  5. Not sure about the bottomless fire pit, but Ancient Thule/Stone walls should definitely be available through other means, they’re so nice for building stuff with. I’d die if I had to go back to a time before them.
  6. IMG_4867.jpgah, the scruncler scrimblo. a little man.

  7. I think a neat idea (if this idea is kept) to fix this would be to have the Varg spawn at the end of a hound wave, after you've killed the normal ones. That way it would act as a "mini boss" of sorts to cap off the hound waves, while keeping the rest of the hound wave the usual amount of annoying. Having the Vargs mingle with the rest of the hound wave just... tends to make very tedious for no real reason. Maybe also give the Varg some additional drops to make it worth hunting? Bone Shards could be neat, those seem to always be in somewhat high demand later on, probably some more actually interesting things you could add to it to make them more worth dealing with. Also, if they're going to be a semi-regular threat to the player... maybe nerf the health a bit? 1800 + spawning meatshields is a bit much for something that happens so often, even late game.
  8. Vargs in hound-waves makes one of the most disliked parts of the game even more annoying, it could probably be done in a way that would actually make it fun, but slapping the current Varg as is into them just makes them even more tedious for late game players, as they chip through 1800 with whatever traps they have set up. They would be cool if Hound Waves were reworked to be more in-depth, but adding more enemy spam to enemy spam doesn't make it more interesting...