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  1. It would be funny with friends, yes. But pubs would become even more unplayable.
  2. It... exists? I usually spend 95% of my summers in the Oasis or Caves anyways, and that 5% is spent walking in-between those two. For me, it's easier to deal with then random spring lightning strikes, because you can stop the smoldering before it has a chance to damage anything unlike lightning. I guess it would be more annoying if I based outside of the oasis.
  3. I think they mean how the birch-nut trees and grass just look kinda "basic" for an oasis.
  4. Hooray! It's another one of Boy Syrup's extremely long and unnecessarily formal suggestions! --------- My experience with the Wigfresh. Generally, I've been having a pretty great time since the Refresh dropped. It didn't alter the "Core" of Wigfrid, which was actually a good thing in her case, as there was nothing fundamentally wrong with her. The Battle Songs the Refresh added are pretty cool, they give Wigfrid and her comrades a boost in longer fights, and even in solo play they are still generally very useful. But this is where my main gripe with the Wigfresh appears, where you can use the songs. Currently, getting enough Inspiration to perform and maintain even one song in non-boss fights is extremely difficult and/or tedious, and I'd like this to be changed to allow the songs to have more opportunities to shine outside of bosses. --------- Giving Battle Songs more time in the Spotlight. Finding Inspiration Everywhere Increasing the Inspiration per hit gained from normal enemies to something similar to how much you get from bosses would help songs become infinitely usable in normal combat. You could actually build up and maintain a song relatively easily in normal combat, allowing them to be used way more commonly throughout the game. This change would also indirectly buff the instant effect songs, making them great, (essentially) free crowd control tools against spiders, hounds, and even clockworks! Gaining Inspiration in Dark Moments Gaining a bit of Inspiration upon getting hit would help support Wigfrid's tank side, and speed up getting your songs up in battle even faster. This could also be based off a percent of damage recieved, which could introduce some strategies where Wigfrids intentionally start a battle with lower defense armor in order to get their songs up faster. This would be a relatively small, but neat addition that tied Inspiration into Wigfrid's tankiness a little more. Apparently this already exists? It's so unnoticeable that I didn't even remember it existed. This effect should be buffed by a decent amount. Not Losing your Spark With these changes to making Battle Songs more viable for basic fights, I'd appreciate it if the decay timer on the Inspiration meter was extended. This wouldn't affect bosses that much, since generally you aren't going without fighting anyways. This would just allow you to maintain your songs a little while longer after combat, to take them to the next rook set piece or another set of bee hives. --------- Fire """Proof""" Falsetto For a song that's supposed to "Defend you from Fiery Critics", this dumpster of a falsetto does a horrendous job at doing so. A 33% fire resistance is nothing, and it's currently only even *remotely* useful in two fights, Klaus and Dragonfly. I don't think giving this song full fire immunity is good idea either, that's stepping on Willow's toes and it would still be the worst song in the game. Instead of trying to rework it... I'd just replace it honestly. I want to keep toe stepping to a minimum here, so the replacement shouldn't overlap one of Warly's buffs, but I have an idea that *might* not be too overpowered. I think an interesting new battle song would be one that increased your speed by around 20%. This may seem overpowered, but keep in mind that it would be exclusive to active battles, and wouldn't be enough on it's own to perform most strategies that rely on extra speed. This song would be useful on fights that have tight kiting windows, attacks with huge AOE, or just running around the arena in a vein attempt to dodge the chaos. It wouldn't be useful for all fights however, as speed isn't the most useful thing on boats or in cramped spaces, and you may want to choose sanity maintaining songs over the extra speed. This would add a fun new mechanism to fights that benefit from speed, but it also wouldn't absolutely dominate other songs, as there are fights where speed is significantly less important, and can be supplemented by just a walking cane. If we want to move "light as a feather", the recipe should contain a feather, Crimson is too common, Jets are already used for the pencil, and Azure is season-locked, so I went with Saffron... it's not as bad as Fire Proof's recipe. (Crappy drawing I am not an artist sorry) --------- Finale Well, thanks for reading through my suggestion. Please feel free to provide feedback on this, as I am definitely not a game designer. Basically, I want Wigfrid's Battle Songs to be more usable throughout more common combat situations, as right now they're really only good for bossing. Also I want Falsetto to be nuked. Have a great day, and thanks once again for reading through another one of my overly long suggestions! - Syrup Boy
  5. The only real complaint is that it feels... weird for an event not to come with any skins? But other then that, I found this event a nice way to spend the latter half of spring where I had nothing to do otherwise.
  6. No wetness resist, I haven't tried wearing them during mini-games, but I think the profit is just mostly up to how well you perform and the level your tree is at.
  7. Well, when a mommy Molebat and a daddy Molebat love eachother verrrryyy much. Heat protection, scarf offers 120, and the two cloaks offer 240, which is pretty great honestly.
  8. Corvus finally forced not to take his sweet time getting to us.