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  1. People used the Dark Sword over the Spear even before it had a skin, because it was objectively better. People are using the Glass Cutter for shadow bosses even though it doesn't have a skin, but the Dark Sword and Spear both have cool skins now, so why? Because it's better in a gameplay sense.
  2. What I refer to the characters as. Wilson TF2 Fire Girl Bad Man Wender Robot [Censored because it's Terrible] Canada Wigfrid Weeb-er Winana Furry Vegetable Warlini Wurt Wurt 2
  3. The real question is why Winona is choosing to use an axe over a real weapon.
  4. I was pissing my pants in-between the time the Wigfrid rework was announced and when her perks were revealed, but I think Klei knows what to do with each character now, (Wendy was given perks to make Abigail more worthwhile, Wigfrid was given one more perk to give her more of a late game role). So I don't think you need to worry about them dunking Webber in the cringe can.
  5. I mean, based on the response to the Wigfrid rework being teased, people really wanted a Webber rework.
  6. shell beach turf has no examination lines pls fix klei
  7. What's your favorite overall skin set in the game? Give your reasons in the replies below! I personally like Victorian because the skins are like Guest of Honor put to the extreme, Maxwell's is especially good!
  8. I'm happy with the rework because they kept her current stats and gave her a more solid late game role. I think the reason they changed the other five so radically was because they were underpowered, and took a lot more work to make interesting.
  9. Not every character needs to hold new players' hands, ignoring the fact that new players already very much enjoy Wigfrid's balanced quirks and stats it goes without saying that those who wish to be better at Wigfrid will learn how to use her refresh abilities through trial and error or through searching it up and doing research themselves. Not to mention it gives Wigfrid some depth as being both an interesting character for veterans and a well-rounded character for new players to try out. New players who enjoy playing her can continue playing her and having fun even as they grow and improve at playing
  10. The difference between Wigfrid and Winona is that you have to be playing Wigfrid to use the songs, you can use the buildings as anyone after you've built them.