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  1. That could be it, but the pipes that were planned were not on screen during the autosave. I all of a sudden got an overload message when heviwatt connected to a lower load circuit crazy far from where I was planning the mainline extension. My mouse was no where near that area during the autosave. Very strange.
  2. One more bug with planning pipes/cable. When the cycle changes and it autosaves while I'm in the middle of planning a pipe/cable suddenly there are random pipes or cables planned on a diagonal from where I'm planning the said pipe/cable.
  3. Somehow I managed to plan a wire but when clicked on it shows just atmo. It wouldn't let me delete or plan a new wire on top of it either. I remember it was weird as I was laying it down where I wasn't holding the mouse button and it was planning anyway. It fixed itself (deleted) on save and reload so perhaps it is some kind of memory error with planning of a long wire?
  4. Weird, cause when I clicked on the refinery and looked at its tabs, nothing said overpressured. A duplicant would just go over to it then manufacture for a moment then stop. Nothing said over pressure except the vacant staring duplicant.
  5. Well... That sounds exactly like the problem. Thanks! There is nothing in the in game info that specifies a maximum operating pressure.
  6. Its happening with a duplicant by an oil refinery. He says he current task is "going to fabricate" but he just stands in-front of the refinery refusing to do anything except stare into space. He is also the assigned duplicant for the refinery errand. There is plenty of crude available for the task. The Future Dystopia.sav
  7. I've had similar weird issues with the suits. If they are not fully charged, I've had dupes just stand around idle, when there are a million things to do. Very strange.
  8. Right, just to clarify, Power is defined as the rate at which you do work (P=w/t) Thats why all the machines in game use wattage as they are doing work which uses energy from the batteries. You can't store power. That's like saying you are going to store mph in your car. You can gain or lose miles, but you can't "store" the rate at which you are changing the miles (mph). Its possible that the transformer acts as a mini battery storing Joules (Energy) to be transmitted, but I think its a deep unit error for the transformer. The transformer isolates a lower wattage section of wire from a higher wattage section of wire by only allowing a "flow" rate of 1000 Joules each second. check out the wiki on the transformer, it has the right unit for transmission wattage. Its not storage. ( Look at the notes section.
  9. Transformers transmit power. Your can't store power. Power is the rate at which you are transmitting energy. in-game it is Joules per second (or Watts). Batteries store energy and transformers enable the safe transmission of that energy at a limited rate to keep the lines from overloading.
  10. So my colony was in the midst of a die off due to heat killing the plants. I thought I might be able to pull it out, then I noticed one suffocating. She wouldn't climb the ladder due to the dead duplicant at the base. Then as I was scrolling up and noticed another duplicant doing the same thing. Apparently dead duplicants break ladder climbing now. sigh...
  11. The unit for power available should read w or J/s not J. Also in the information tab it should read transmits (not stores) power that is fed into it. Power is not stored as it is the rate of energy transmission. Could cause confusion for newer players.