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  1. Game crashes when the ration box is deconstructed. I attempted to follow the instructions for gathering the logs but I do not have an output log file where it specifies When starting a new colony on No Sweat I immediately deconstruct the ration box. Although I tried doing this on survival and experienced same crashes. I attached the saves that crashed in case they're worth anything Gang.sav Regrettable Dystopia.sav Rosy Planet.sav The Viral Spaceprison.sav The Prosperous Burrow.sav CrashNewColony.txt
  2. I loaded an old save where I had extreme lag attempting to dig expand tall water reservoirs when mining/building ladders at the bottom - I initially tried it on priority 9 and it was the start of the cycle, and I was amazed at how much smoother it was - prior to this, I would have locked up as soon as they would have started mining/building the first layer, if not before. It stuttered a bit, but they were able to complete the job I tried it on high priority and it was much more of a FPS drop/stutter/freeze, however - it still performed much better thanks to this patch - Save file is attached if you'd like to take a look. I've grown to prefer neater plumbing but figured I'd share 925UpdatePreLagTest.sav