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  1. If Sal has the Buster graft installed, she can apply the bleed debuff to herself using the Shock Core item card from the Spark Barons' death loot, as it deals damage to herself and can break her block if you didnt apply enough. I had it happen during a combo focused run against a boss. It ruined my chances to build combo for two turns. I sent an in-game feedback report about this, but I dont think it was actually sent since sometime in the middle of my playthrough my internet went out and I didnt notice until I had my fill of Griftlands. I dont know where to go to get the log for that specific run.
  2. Narratively I just assume Oolo's got dirt on everyone which would work in both an official and unofficial negotiation setting.
  3. I think the biggest issue would be writing up new dialogue for every instance of negotiating with Admiralty. Plus there would be instances where it wouldnt make sense to be able to use authorization (the leave no one behind quest where the hostage is a traitor is the first to come to mind).
  4. Havent negotiated with Jeol yet but have you guys checked to make sure he also doesnt have this issue?
  5. Odd that Sparky lacks a special Core Argument like other NPCs. He also lacked one when I would negotiate with him, but that was back before they rolled up the personality arguments into the enemy's core argument.
  6. I hope one patch we could be able to see any social banes/boons we've unlocked on characters even if they're not active in the relationship tab. The boons and banes show up in the compendium if unlocked, but when we check the relationships tab ingame, they're set to "Unknown" if the boon/bane isnt active.
  7. No matter what else comes in the future updates, this alone makes this update my favorite.
  8. When was this event implemented? Hadnt gotten it before, and was unfortunate enough to get it day 1. She got the items from my previous run and is selling them back to me, Boss items sell for a ton of shills. Died previous run btw.
  9. Understandable change but I miss trying to hunt down rare/impossible to get boons/banes.
  10. I already sent a feedback ticket but Ill mention it here for everyone else, Aplomb is bugged and doesnt give any composure whatsoever in current experimental build. Dont go picking it until next patch when they fix it.
  11. Ive only done a few full runs with the First Impressions mutator on so Ive gotta ask, does it effect bosses? I was hoping Id get Sparky's Boon/Bane, but he was always neutral to me, so I was wondering if I was just unlucky or if bosses are exempt from it.
  12. I noticed that neither the Fleads nor the Shrooglets seem to have any effect in Negotiations. Is this intentional? Also Fleads dont seem to be able to be upgraded either.
  13. I was wrong earlier! They added pet Fleads in this patch! All hail the Fleads!
  14. Great that we're getting pet upgrades! Here's hoping we eventually get some pet Fleads to join our roster of pets!
  15. Boons are the bonus passive effects gained from being loved from npcs, like Sparring. Banes are the passive effects that you get when npcs hate you, like Whispered Rumors.
  16. My yotes thank you for not punishing them for me going for a pokemon master graft build.