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  1. Since it's in the screenshot, I gotta ask, is it intended for the Bog Blaster to drop from the Loot Clusters as is? Given how the rest of the items dropped are Hatch items, I assumed the Jammed Blaster would make more sense to be the drop since it hatches into the regular Bog Blaster. On an unrelated note, anyone know how to get the Autodog Blaster and Automech Blaster?
  2. Just thought Id let everyone know, once Arint and Flekfis are out be sure to kill off the Spree in the Bandit Babysitters quest to get rid of the Brutality Bane. Fighting Arint with Brutality active is extremely painful.
  3. I believe you're thinking of the card "Very Convincing". Its an Admiralty faction card.
  4. Unfortunately upgraded Hangunder's still bugged to cause crashes whenever you draw the slurred speech card. Also, Hangunder's graft information screen goes on till the bottom of the screen making it very difficult to click the upgrade button. I also had a separate crash in Rook's campaign that I unfortunately wasnt able to replicate, but judging from the crash screen mentioning hatch, I assume there's a bugged negotiation parasite card upgrade.
  5. I dont know about the strength of the new Hangunder graft, but I absolutely love the flavor of it. Just trying to imagine surgically grafting a shot glass onto your body is hilarious.
  6. I assume plot-wise the day 3 boss will be determined by who forces you to do the day 2 boss, so I gotta ask, how is it determined who sends you to fight the day 2 boss? Initially I thought it was whoever you didnt choose to go to first at the start of day 2, but Ive had times where I went to Kalandra first but Flekfis still forced me to work for him.
  7. When I first did it, I just assumed the game would crash on me, did not expect the Oshnu to follow me all the way to Kashio.
  8. Yoooo I did not expect this, thank you so much for supporting final day Oshnu pets
  9. Shame, was hoping it was some sort of interesting unique skill that just happened to be bugged for the time being. Atleast they'll no longer waste turns attempting it and actually try to deal some damage.
  10. Looks like its time to hunt for new events
  11. Game crashes when you break Threekwa's defense when he has 0 power. On a side note, while I havent tested it yet, how will the Pet Shroogs work now that there shouldnt be negative values showing? Dont know if it was even intended originally, but I constantly had Shroogs irrecoverably enter negative power due to rng targeting them more than they can rebuild their power, so Im curious to know how it works now.
  12. I think I randomed into my own deck with the seed 157981050. I had First impressions on during that run and wound up getting Threekwa to hate me, giving me his "Informed Enemies" bane (Take 2 damage every card you play first turn). I assume he's since been given plot armor since Ive been getting him neutral over and over. Had fun with the new boss. Really interesting fight
  13. I really hope some future event gets added that references these clone NPCs.
  14. I had the same issue, didnt even give me the usual crash screen, just froze. Also, Defense for whatever reason was not decaying.
  15. I also had Oolo appear in a random shop during Day 2. I think Oolo lost her plot armor at some point.
  16. Cant wait to see the Negotiation decks other people made. I know I made some horrible decks that made it at prestige 2 so Im curious to know how karma bites me in the butt here
  17. Honestly, with the changes to Sonic Pistol and Macro Rasp, Kashio feels pretty good to fight against. I still personally would much prefer the Burn from Afterburner to be an Incepted card like Bleed cards rather than the Burn status effect, but I still havent had enough fights against it to really say anything about it other than its better than old Macro Rasp. I do hate that the Unstable Drone's stacks drop by one everytime the Burn aoe damages it, I really hope thats a bug.
  18. Getting hit with a lot of game crashes when trying to finish up Day 1 of Sal's campaign. Also a bunch of broken text bubbles where instead of an NPC's name, it only says {target} or {actor}. I remember seeing a deck with 3 drusk cores and another with a Shroog Fang and a Drusk Core.
  19. Time to see the true power of Afterburner gloves Edit: So Afterburner gloves applies Burn. Personally would still much rather prefer Burn cards over burn status on Sal since guaranteed damage annoys me, but compared to Bleed, Burn is sooooo much more manageable so Im not complaining too much. Havent seen it on a Kashio with extra attacks from Suitcase/Blast Chamber or counter from Sonic Pistol, so I cant say as to just how horrible it can be. Side note, sometimes the real Kashio does not respond to her Holo Clones dying. Would enjoy if her quips were guaranteed, but as it stands Holographic Projector seems fine after the bug fixes.
  20. I noticed that the Clones all have the Power Glaive effect even if Kashio was never even offered a glaive in the pre-fight. If Kashio does have the Glaive, then the clones have a stack of 2 Glaives. Dont know if the devs intend for the clones to be that obvious, but as it stands, that's how it works. Clones also end up with different health values if they have the heal from debuffs item and Kashio had atleast one debuff on her.
  21. Found that Afterburner Gloves are just straight up nonfunctional for Kashio, that's why I had no opinion of the Burn effect on Sal. Posting this here so people are aware and will choose their items accordingly for the test fights until its fixed. I'll probably dislike it as much as Bleed once it's fixed since guaranteed damage every attack with no chance of mitigation is extremely dangerous, so I hope they'll consider making Burn cards as well. Edit: Found out something interesting. I definitely recall losing combo when I took Bleed damage back when I accidentally applied it on Sal with the Buster graft and the self damaging Spark Core, but in a Kashio fight where she had the Macro Rasp I wasnt losing Combo to bleed. Still adamantly hate Bleed on Sal due to guaranteed damage, but if it doesnt completely ruin Combo, its a lot less egregious.
  22. Im inclined to agree with ArtixBot that the bleed is far too punishing. Personally dont think it should even be able to be applied to Sal since there's no way to mitigate the damage outside of debuff removal, and even then it still guarantees some damage. Completely neuters combo decks as well since you're always guaranteed to take damage. Far prefer getting hit with Bleed cards that can clog your deck but can be mitigated. Havent been hit by burn yet to say anything about it.
  23. I know we arent able to access the base since we are never on the clock for them from that point onward on that day, but Ive definitely noticed the lack of ability to hire out laborers at the office.