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  1. Since we're on the topic of elites, when are Spree Captains going to get their own unique death loot? All the other elite enemies have fancy shmancy items that are thematically appropriate, while Spree Captains are stuck with some cleaver they found in the Slurpin' Snail's dumpster that they have to share with the Spree Raiders. On a related note, Spree Thieves should also have different loot from the Thugs since they both currently share the same Makeshift Dagger loot.
  2. Havaria belongs to the Fleads! Side note, Authorization effectively does nothing in Brawl since the only negotiations where you can talk to other NPCs are provocations at the bar. Still think it'd be nice to have Authorization let you recruit an Admiralty to your party instead of simply bribe since you can only do it once a day. Would give it some function in Rook's campaign as well, since you never have Admiralty in meaningful locations to make use of it, but Admiralty occasionally spawns at the Baron HQ.
  3. Definitely missed it, Sal has a bunch of sleep dialogue.
  4. PepeHands The Rook Rebellion will live on in our hearts
  5. I assume there is, in fact, an event or opp to get the bog schematics since only Sealed Envelope was given a new event but both quests were given icons?
  6. Yo when was Masochist's card art changed? PepeHands
  7. Bogger Pauldrons is now as rare as it deserves to be with how good it is. When are Spark Barons gonna patron the Last Stand? On an unrelated note, when is Rook going to have access to Boss Grafts?
  8. Now we can more consistently rely on Moxie PepeHands
  9. How rare we talking? Admiralty Patrol Leader rare (decently rare but you'll see them from time to time) or Spree Captain rare (almost never appear)? PepeHands
  10. There was a bug in the Bar fight where you could repeatedly accept the graft reward. Managed to snag every single one of Smith's grafts for the compendium. Probably fixed by the time I type this.
  11. Shame. Completely understandable, but I found it funny that both the NPC and the game wondered why you would just provoke them for no reason and not kill them.
  12. Yooooo finally. I no longer have to open the compendium to know if Ive pissed someone off before.
  13. No more insulted inception argument. Its the usual thing of taking core resolve to 0. The Insulted cards were massively changed to expend all non-Hostile cards in your hand and turn them into Dominance. Very good for Hostile Decks, and for Diplomacy decks its functionally the same as an Intimidation where the Insulted cards are dead draws.
  14. When was the provoke negotiation changed? I dont mind the new version, it was just shocking to see since I didnt realize it happened
  15. Forced Adrenaline has the greatest card flavor to ever exist
  16. Do the experimental decks have the custom max charge changes? I havent seen a single one have different amounts of max charges.
  17. I really like the grout burrs in the fight. The temp power one specifically is really interesting. I randomed into a deck that had Cyclone as a finisher, used against the monster, and then facepalmed when I realized I gave the boss a free permanent 4 power up since I removed his temporary power debuff. I hope you guys keep that interaction as is. Shame I couldnt finish the fight since it crashed on me near the end.
  18. Personally, I really really love it in rogue-lites when there's OP combinations of items in the game. Its always fun trying to find new ways to bust the game open. With that said, I have to agree that Spotty + Sifting/Chaos coin is too strong. Its too easy to get, and I personally find the actual infinite draw is less fun than usual methods of breaking the game. Whenever I played with it, I found myself dreading drawing spotty because I knew the otherwise short negotiation fight would be stalled to ludicrous amounts and I had to actively work against the OP combo by discarding Spotty the moment I could in order to get some semblance of control back from it. It's a shame because Spotty on its own seems like a very interesting mechanic and its great fun when you dont have Sifting/Chaos coin. Momentum on the other hand, I dont agree with the notion that the effect of it is worth nerfing. Maybe the numbers on it (argument resolve, action cost) but Momentum on its own is the kind of strong card effect I love to see in deckbuilders.
  19. Thank you so much. Its always bugged me that I couldnt clear the trash cards they give us if I didnt piss off a Heavy Laborer or argued near people who disliked me. Also, there's a crash bug in the past few builds that Ive experienced a couple of times. The only common elements were I lost a negotiation as Sal and had cards to upgrade, though I dont know if that's relevant to the bug.
  20. Shame, I was hoping we'd have some sort of meat market equivalent. So thats what that was. Was always weird crashing at unusual locations
  21. Cant wait to get these myself. Hopefully wont take too long.
  22. Any plans on implementing Boss Grafts to Rook's campaign? Been wondering that for a while