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  1. Please take a look to this thread. But make sure you really have the same problem. There should be a problem loading content from 'kplayerprefs.yaml' (see 'output_log.txt'). That 'kplayerprefs.yaml' is a text file, if it's empty or contains garbage or NULL values, when viewed with an text editor, the link above may help. (Details at the link above.)
  2. I would prefer an rollback for the game and leave the database untouched. I could recycle 4 days for early game electrolyzer / cooler development from the giant bit bucket.
  3. If you've just read some more posts, you possibly would have found this link.
  4. You may be right with that, i'm not that far into the game, but i have some knowledge on software development. But 12 Gb seems to be alot for a 2d game even with all that gas and liquid simulation. Ok, I don't know any internals, so I better shut up.
  5. I think this isn't a bug, but standard behavior. If you open up the save_files directory it immediately gets clear what's going on here. (save_files directory may be found at C:\Users\<USER_NAME>\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\save_files on Win7) You see an auto save folder with up to 10 auto save files and one user save file for any created colony or named save (save as...). Any of the files can be deleted manually from the load game dialog. The whole thing works like a very primitive revision control system. If you open the load game dialog box it shows a slightly different picture. You see save directories, which represent trunks of progress of a single colony. Each trunk contains one user save file and 0 to 10 auto save files. 1) If you create a new colony, the game will create a new trunk (directory) , that initially contains the user save file and no auto saves. The directory as well as the user save file get the name of the new colony. From now on that directory is the active game trunk and the user save file is the active save file. Pressing resume will load the latest save from the active trunk. Pressing load from the in game dialog will load the latest save from the running trunk. 1.1) If you play for some cycles the game creates an auto save at the beginning of any new auto save interval (default is 1 cycle, but may be changed from game settings) and will make it the active file for load. When all 10 auto save slots are used up the game starts to overwrite auto saves beginnig from the oldest file. 1.2) If you press 'save' at any time the user save file of the active trunk will be overwritten. There is only ONE user save file per trunk. 1.3) If you press 'save as...' at any time the game will create a new trunk and a new user save file assumed you select a name not already in use. It's important, that both are made active. 'Save' will now overwrite the new user save file within the new trunk. 2) Until now we had to do with a single trunk (save file directory). If we have two or more it gets a bit confusing the first time. The reason is the 10 auto save slots are shared between all trunks. Let's assume we have a colony C1 at cycle 60, that was manuallly saved at cycle 45 and decide to create a new one. The C1 directory contains auto saves for cycle 51 to 60 and a user save for cycle 45. We now create a colony named C2 and start to play it (The following is also valid if C2 already existed). As described in 1) the C2 trunk gets active and 'C2.sav' gets the active user save file. On the beginning of cycle two of C2 the game wants to auto save, but all auto save slots are currently in use by C1. What happens is the oldest auto save from C1 is deleted and used to save cycle 2 of C2. This also works if auto save slot usage is spreaded over several trunks. Once C2 has aquired all 10 slots it starts to overwrite the oldest as described in 1.1). Under some certain save file directory you will always only see auto saves created for the related trunk. 3) If you load an older autosave from some certain trunk, let's say it has auto saves for cycle 210 to 214 and you load cycle 212 and play onward, the next auto save will create an additional cycle 212 auto save file, For colony C1 this would be 'C1 Cycle 4.sav (1).sav' instead of 'C1 Cycle 4.sav', which appears as 'C1 Cycle 4 sav [1]' in the loading dialog box. 4) Save strategy: I'm sure everybody has his/her own habits to save the game, so this is just my personal favorit. Most of the time i just want to conserve some certain game state permanently, especially when experimenting with new machinery. After creating colony C1 i create two trunks, C1-Start and C1-Game. C1-Game is active and C1-Start is the backup in case i want to restart an asteroid from scratch without going through the dupe creation process. To test several versions of some machinery M: Load 'C1-Game' desired save file if not active Save as 'C1-M-01' and play Load 'C1-Game' desired save file Save as 'C1-M-02' and play If 'C1-M-01' successful -> Load 'C1-M-01' last save -> delete 'C1-Game' (whole directory) -> save as 'C1-Game' (now active) Optionally delete 'C1-M-01' and 'C1-M-02' (whole directories) play onward with 'C1-Game' For 'C1-M-01' and 'C1-M-02' sandbox mode could get enabled, but then step 5 will bring it to the main trunk. Only way to prevent, is to load 'C1-Game' with step 5 and build everything from scratch with dupes.
  6. Clearly memory usage depends on stored / restored object count and hence base size, but as I did mention in another post, the app did loose 200 to 300 Mb of memory on each game load (I had worksets over 11 Gb @ cycle 50). I'm sure you agree that loading a saved game usually doesn't change base size. Even with garbage collection in use memory size should decrease now and then, but not for this app, it only grows. I really like the game, but the last time i had to use the hard reset button was with DOS and Win95 and i'm not the only person having that problems. End user systems currently have 8 to 16 Gb of RAM. Happy swapping.
  7. I never had a Mac, but on Windows the game has massive memory leaks, which lead to out of memory conditions over time, which cause the Os to appear frozen . The problem is amplfied by loading saved games often. I got the advice to wait for upto 10 minutes for the OS to recover. If that works, it at least prevents the hard reset. If you have some tool to check the app's memory consumption and you detect unusal high values (i think up to 3 - 5Gb should be ok.) then it's probably the same problem. If so, the only thing you can currently do, is to save game state, restart app and reload game state (just 2 minutes). I don't expect a fix soon, because resource management is one of the fundamental design decisons with any software and influences everything in need of dynamically allocated resources like memory. (Except for that nasty bug it's a great game, measured to the number of people who did it.)
  8. Just tested that on my installation and it works fine. Problem solved , thanks ! It's long ago, but I remember something called transactional files.
  9. With the old version of the game Printing Pot content was randomized at game stat load times. As a beginner I often reloaded a single saved game 10 to 20 times to get the dupes I wanted or to get certain care packages. This feature was removed, possibly for good reasons. The game had memory leaks even when just loading an initial saved game. Just press the pause key, let it run for a few hours and watch it's virtual memory consumption. Possibly an error deep down the serialization / deserialization road. I know that windows uses about 1Gb for mem tables, I didn't know it can take up to 10 minutes to recover from out of memory conditions, never had that before. I finally found the output_log.txt file. Under Win 7 it's under "C:\Users\game\AppData\LocalLow\Klei\Oxygen Not Included". Here is an excerpt: [19:08:21.931] [1] [INFO] Starting up with a resolution of 1600x900 @60hz (fullscreen: True) [19:08:21.933] [1] [ERROR] Fatal parse error in C:\Users\game\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\kplayerprefs.yaml (Line: 1, Col: 1, Idx: 0) - (Line: 1, Col: 2, Idx: 1): While scanning for the next token, find character that cannot start any token. Fatal parse error in C:\Users\game\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\kplayerprefs.yaml (Line: 1, Col: 1, Idx: 0) - (Line: 1, Col: 2, Idx: 1): While scanning for the next token, find character that cannot start any token. (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug.bindings.h Line: 43) NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at KPlayerPrefs.HasKey (System.String key) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at GraphicsOptionsScreen.SetResolutionFromPrefs () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at LaunchInitializer.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 (Filename: Line: -1) These lines are repeated over and over again. I've no knowlegde on Yaml, but opened "kplayerprefs.yaml" with an text editor. It's content are NULLs, means binary zeroes. I can't say, if this is meaningful to the problem. No furthrer ideas, thank you.
  10. Running on Windows Ultimate 64 all updates / 16 Gb RAM / Game has no active mods. Game hangs forever during Klei Logo screen. 1) Bought Steam stable version 4 weeks before official release (build number ??). App worked as expected. Had 2 out of memory crashes that killed the OS (hard reset required) Let resource manager run in background and restarted app at 10Gb threshold. (200 - 300 Mb memory leakage per loaded game !! C'm on guys.) 2) Automatic update (Steam) to official release build. App worked as expected. Started a new game with custom world seed after about 2 to 3 hours (game) uptime. (Forgot to take an eye onto memory usage.) Again a crash that killed the OS (hard reset required / possibly out of mem) On restart game hangs at logo screen. 3) Saved data files via Steam and uninstalled completely. Reinstalled and recovered data files. Without effect, the problem remains. Thanks for making a great game with an just excellent UI, just a pitty i can't play anymore.