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  1. That's weird that people need special techniques to deal with liquid deposits. You dig out an area where you want the liquid to be then puncture the deposit and it flows down. I usually combine all the free-standing liquids into big pools below my base that way. Here's all the salt water, here's the ethanol, and so on. I don't care if some of my base gets wet that way or whatever, that's what the janitor is for.
  2. My issue with medicinal storage is that I find myself storing medications for some reason. It's not like I need more than a couple of each. Actually just one, so that my Hospital stations stop throwing shade with that red icon.
  3. Animals will sometimes escape through doors if there are dupes moving through, especially if if there is a stream of them and the doors remain open for a little while. You can construct an animal prison within the Nature Preserve by blocking them off with tiles.
  4. New machine aging system?

    While I appreciate the uptime stats, the age worries me because machine degradation sounds totally not fun. The net effect will be one or more dupes just running around repairing things and not doing other tasks.
  5. [Game Update] - 364722

    Yeah the resource window is annoying now. I like to have several categories open to see what I'm doing and now I have to scroll to see them. This is a step backward in UX for me.
  6. Yup, loaded a pre-update save game and the pod shows the Skills Available icon and message but there are no skill points to distribute. I started a new game and the pod did not display the icon or the message (at least on cycle 1).
  7. Wild Plants

    I use Pips to plant Arbor trees because they take up three tiles anyway. I have them move my Oxyferns around where my CO2 collects in the early game. I use wild plants to create a Nature Preserve. And of course the One Tree that grows in the middle of the Great Hall. That's about it. For food I like my plots nice and compact.
  8. [Game Update] - 364722

    All my new plants show BLOCKED, except that they are giving the bonus. My existing plants do not show the icon, only plants I have placed in the pots since the update:
  9. useless plants

    Yup. Since Chlorine floats between CO2 and O2, I'll put a couple of Saltvines near the bottom of the base. Since my `CO2 level is constantly rising and falling, this pushes the Chlorine past the Saltvines to get eaten up.
  10. Critter Required Space Max Critters in Max Size Stable Shine Bugs 12 8 Pufts 16 6 Hatches 12 8 Slicksters 12 8 Dreckos 12 8 Pips 12 8 Pokeshells 12 8 Pacus 8 12
  11. The best thing is that you don't need ethanol right away, so you can let the lumber build up. I hide all my seeds except for Arbor and clear some lanes and let the pips plant them all over. I'm looking at my current base and I have over 122k lumber laying around and the entire work for that was one storage container to distribute the seeds to the Pips and a couple of dig orders to give them some more space.
  12. just asking?

    I have 191 hours in ONI so far. In comparison I have 830 hours in my all time favorite Warhammer2 and I've been playing that for two years.
  13. It's not fixed. I used sandbox mode to reveal many maps specifically because I was looking for a seed with a certain number of Oxyferns. I saw numbers as low as 8 and as high as 17.
  14. This is a big problem in the early game with water. I construct a Bottle Emptier, set it to empty water, two cycles later I have polluted water in my main water supply because my bathrooms have now produced dirty water which is automatically checked on the Bottle Emptier. So I know not to empty any water bottles until polluted water becomes available unless I want to micro that spout.
  15. I play games at two locations plus when I travel, so I have three laptops. Having a cloud save would go a long way for me to have some continuity when I play.