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  1. I made another post about how the game freezes very often, but only during saving. And how common it is to be unable to move when spawning or in a cave, which is still an annoying issue. Or it would be if I could actually get to the caves without the game freezing. I hit a tree once and the game froze. I was walking and a crow flew away, and the game froze. Then I was literally walking on a path and the game froze. Nothing around me, no birds flying, nothing. The game just froze. And all of these happened less than five minutes after starting the game. That's not hyperbole either. Is Wigfrid the problem? I just unlocked her and I'm playing as her. The game never froze this much as other characters. I got to day 30 as WickerBottom without the game freezing at all. I get that it's an old console, but is it so much to ask that the game works.
  2. Make that 5 times, because I hopped back on, 3 days pass, and the game froze again autosaving!
  3. The game will freeze when it autosaves. And it's not rare either. I've had it happen to me multiple times now (4 to be exact) and I've only put in 4-6 hours to the game. It's insanely annoying because when you eventually realize the ps3 froze you have to turn it off and hear the three beeps of death, which haunt my dreams. And sometimes you just can't move at all. Starting up a world or hopping into a mine, sometimes you'll be completely unable to move. You can inspect things, or climb up the rope, but you are completely unable to move. So you either don't have the caves, or you don't have your entire world. I get that it's an old console, but I'd at least expect it to work. Also, I know this is the ps4 forums, but there's no ps3 forums.