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  1. Oooh can i use it as a horizontal gas forcefield? lol
  2. I did some testing in sandbox and there seems to be an interesting mechanics on how liquids drip and how they dissipate in space. Some things i found is that water dripping from a vent with a mesh tile directly beneath will instantly vanish within the tile. Place the mesh tile one space beneath the vent and the water drips right thru it. A flat 3 wide regular tile surface the water doesnt make it the end tiles. As oppose to a diagonal setup of regular tiles where the water continues to drip several steps down the "stairs" before completely dissipating.
  3. Add the turbine room itself to the tail end of your coolant loop and it should run smoothly, as long as your coolant isn't too hot for the the turbine that is. That's whats cool about the steam turbine, yes it generates a lot of heat, but it removes more heat than it generates.
  4. I've been running this jank setup for over 200 cycles non-stop That aquatuner is whats keeping the turbines cool and it doesn't even run all the time.
  5. Wow you must be generating a tremendous amount of heat or are you trying to solidify a magma biome? In my experience a single steam turbine can handle that setup easily. I've used a one turbine to cool two aquatuners running super coolant to liquefy oxygen and hydrogen simultaneously.
  6. Those are key components for taking advantage of the steam turbines enormous amount of heat deletion. It's what makes creating liquid oxygen and hydrogen simple.
  7. The steam turbine... I find it hard to believe that you've not come across such a setup after all that time...
  8. If you're lucky and find a random glossy drecko hanging around or if you already have a glossy drecko setup in the map you could jump straight into a steam turbine/metal refinery setup.
  9. Depends on the pressure exerted on the person. Wafflestomping said person might help get them thru a smaller hole.
  10. Plenty of tungsten in every asteroid. Its in the form of abyssalite! Just got to melt it first ha!
  11. At first i though something like that was occurring, so I decided to watch that spot directly after the rocket lands and the dirt blocks just appear suddenly at that spot out of nowhere. Infact, there was regolith blocks above it over the bunker tiles during that time and they too suddenly changed to dirt blocks. So i assume this has to be some kind of bug.
  12. Every time my cargo rocket returns from an organic mass, dirt blocks appear suddenly at the top of the silo entombing my auto miner.