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  1. Found an Oil Reservoir had spawned next to the world border and the Neutronium made sure that I can never make use of it. Bad world generation algorithm or a bug.
  2. At first I assumed I simply missed the death of my dupes (as the sound notification is easily missed IMO) but after looking at my newest base's Colony Summary I am 110% certain that there's some bug in the Duplicant count for the Colony Summary. In the pictures below are two bases where the dupe count spike and then falls back, in the span of 2 Cycles. Even if I was to miss a dead dupe, it still doesn't explain how I, in the second picture, went from three (3) duplicants up to seven (7) in one Cycle, and then managed to murder 3 of them in a genocide before the next Cycle... Something is clearly wrong here. Oxyfarm xx30.sav
  3. Here's a save with the bug, although I have put seeds in the room so the bug is worse than reported above. Pip Bug Sizvahstar.sav