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  1. Hi, I had to disable onedrive but the game is now running. Thanks!
  2. Yes. The file doesn't exist. The folder is empty and is "read only". But I can't change it.
  3. As far as i could get, my problem is that the save files are on Onedrive and the game can't access it. I still can't solve it though...
  4. Hi Since the release, every time I try to start a game, the Klei logo appears and then goes to the crash report screen "Help! A black hole ate my game!", but if i click to send a report, it says to wait and does nothing. I'm using steam and already did everything in every troubleshooting I could find. I have no Idea what is causing this, as I could play the game without problems before. output_log.txt
  5. Something similar is happening with me since the update. Is driving me insane.