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  1. Check this mod.
  2. I played mostly in public server and from what i saw the only character that doesn't really get pick is woodie and wes, so you only play these 2, ya? People who play wes is either expert that wants some challenge or total noob that doesn't know what they are doing. And, please don't try to change the subject by mentioning mods, mods is done by the community, not klei. The thing is, other people playing their favorite character doesn't harm you in any, single way, yet you are so concern about only your own personal pleasure to not get "triggered". Let's get back to the topic, let's say this option exist, what would it do? As i said it only make sense in public game to limit what stranger can pick, since you can discuss with your friends before starting a game. For people that DO agree with you and NEVER pick a same character in the server, the option doesn't do anything, for people that just wants to play the game they probably won't even join. This is the result you wants to achieve, right? Guess what, as a host, you can already kick people that pick duplicate character, good luck finding people to play with you though.
  3. Yes, that's exactly the problem, only the host get to decide what he/she picks. If you cannot see how selfish that is i don't know what to tell you. If my friend ever tell me to not pick a character because he/she wants to, i know this person is a selfish ass and he/she will be unfriend, that's it. Also this option only make sense when playing with stranger, because you can discuss with your friend before starting a game and decide what character to choose. Why would you get triggered by someone else picking the same character as you, why can't you change YOUR character and pick something no one else wants to play? Why you wants to pick meta character and when others do it, it "trigger" you?
  4. Excuse me, so let's say you and your friend both wants to play maxwell, who gets to play?Whats makes you think that you are superior than others and only you decide to play what you wants to play?
  5. 1. Berries farm is bad, turkey + berries provide very little food, you shouldn't do it. For catcoon, no one is relying on catcoon for that pity one meat, no one. For no eye deer, if you mean the one that give key to unlock klaus sack, well, they only exist to give you the "key" to the boss fight, they don't even drop their antler when killed. 2.That makes monster meat useless. 3.This isn't necessarily a downside and can be use to player's advantages. 4.Monster/Mobs attack is always predictable in most video game, even dark souls. Sorry if i misunderstood your suggestion, but do you mean making kiting harder or make them impossible? If kitting made impossible,well, tanking is the only solution and it is actually much easier compared to kiting with little bit of armor and heal food. Also tanking is always a much more convenient and less hassle way to kill boss, which is definitely easier than kiting. 5.Hmm, why? That's not really a bad thing, let's say we combine it with your make monster not kite-able suggestion, i just need to eat a pierogi every 10 seconds and stand there holding "f" tanking the boss. 6.So you can't spam heal with food, right? Then healing salve would be much better way to heal, that's already true for warly since he can't really spam heal with food, if making it true for all character, why would someone make heal food instead of salve? Currently food is better because it has a shorter animation, although having a downside which is spoilage (really isn't that much of a downside, just cook when you need). 7.What do you mean by sinkhole? Sinkhole is the entrance to cave according to wiki, if the ground leave by angry ant lion is what you mean, then you should always kill the ant lion when summer start, it's very easy. Your suggestion isn't just about walking cane, but also make character walk slower in general, which means more time will be spent on walking, how is that challenging? 8.Your shouldn't use bush hat, well, maybe you can use it when killing bee queen with tentacles. Razor durability, hmm, why? You shouldn't use them more than once to get some wool for first winter, even if it breaks down, it cost 2 twigs and 2 flint to create a new one? How hard can that be? 9.This lead to the question again, does it really add any kind of difficulty or player just have to sit there waiting longer? Also, the reason people enjoy video games is because it save time, think about it, you can experience so many things or even an entire life cycle in a simulation game, which you can only do once in real life. This is also true for movies, novel etc, the stories you see in them is probably less than 0.0000001% of the protagonist life time, if it show every single stuff they did and make movies 10 years long instead of just 2 hours, that's not fun. 10.Actually meatball is not optimal.. maybe except for wigfrid. 11.That's somewhat true after you explored the whole map. Spider from berry bush will make people stop picking them, they are already bad, you should just pick carrot from day 1 since they have much shorter pick animation, berry is a waste of time and inventory space, also not good for later food production. 12.You shouldn't need ice for filler, the time you take to mine them should be use to do something else. Just get some to build flingo is enough. 13.So, more back and forth walking because inventory full, that's not really challenging anyway, maybe we have different understanding of challenge. 14. Stop catching rabbits, they are not good, you shouldn't need more than 4 (Prestihatitator). 15. No, the only reason tree guard switch target to killer bees is because killer bees hit it first, you may not noticed but monster not switching target will make the game much easier and very easy to exploit, you just have to lure it and let other stuff kill it (or your friend). Anyway, why are you using tree guard to kill killers bee, if you want to pacify them just plant some pine cone. If wiping the killer bees hive is your intention, doing it with a ham bat is much faster than trying to summon a slow walking tree guard to help you, much, much faster. 16.So, just build more bird cage which take up more space? Or do you mean limit the eggs you can get per day from all bird cage? I suppose you wants this so monster meat become even more useless? Building 5 bird cage in base instead of one is not hard... so no, this suggestion doesn't make sense. 17.Maybe, but normally maxwell is the one that gather rock and logs, normal character cutting trees normally is just too slow and the time should be spent to do other stuff, or get some pigs to help if no maxwell in your team. Another way is to use giant, especially bearger to do the work for you, normal character should never spend time hitting trees and rocks except for a little bit of starting resources. 18.What is grassy backpack? The most basic backpack IS the one that has least inventory space, piggyback give more space but slow you down, krampus sack is best but much harder to get, that make sense for me. 19.Bearger do break it, and i think the use of sculpting as wall is kind of creative, other than that they don't have much usage.