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  1. Right after posting this, I've seen another person posting a similar one saying that It's across building items and the bug is that she uses mats to prototype and the same mats again to build the structure. Waiting for an hotfix.
  2. I've just posted a post about this but I noticed it when I was building some chests. I was quite shocked that 110 planks were gone in under a munite and I noticed the game uses 3 when you prototype it and another 3 when you actually build it. So, the bug implies to almost... everything?
  3. I was building some chests and noticed how fast my supplies were going down. Then I noticed this... Bug? Here's a video of it:
  4. So, I was going to use Moose/Goose sketch for a building and I built down a potter's wheel and gave the sketch. I opened the tab and there was pawn figure instead of Moose/Goose. I thought something may have went wrong so I re-logged and hammered the wheel down and built it again. Afterwards, I gave the sketch and it became pawn again. I'm 95% sure this is a bug. Also, I think it's better to be mentioned. I play on a solo DST survival world.