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  1. Dude cover your mouth, you don't want people getting sick!
  2. Tooncast is actually more old cartoons, like Foster Mansion for Imaginary Friends, and everything...
  4. Yeah... i got enough trying to battle for the Krampus' sack... I'm not going to farm this.
  5. I was thinking about the same series when i saw the skin... HMMMMMMM
  6. Wait, from what item is that animation from?
  7. "Ravin' Wrapper Raiders minigame"? How do you play that minigame?
  8. I'm fine as playing as Webber, i'm more hyped about Hallowed Nights than Wurt tbh.
  9. Uh oh, you didn't censor the no-no word... You know what's coming next... The problem is the fact i just want to search normal Fan-Art. You can't forgot to use the manure, or Klei is going to call your mom. I cannot afford Wurt.
  10. Play Don't Starve with the Donkey Kong's bongos controller He is going to stop Hooktail, and if you played the game, you already know why.
  11. What exactly do you mean "I can't access this new update"? The game updates automatically, when you create a new world, it isn't the world who selects the update for you, what exactly you CAN'T access?, please elaborate.
  12. Since the update, in the non-beta update of Don't Starve Together, the music is very quiet, i'm at full volume (10), and the game sounds can be heard clearly, but the music is barely heard... Which is sad because i like the music on this game and is a big part of the ambience, so this bug has been really annoying for me. I also tried turning the volume up.
  13. Ah, i know about disease, but the mistype really confused me.
  14. I didn't understand about the harvesting one, can i have a detail explanation about that?, which plants?, sorry i'm not a veteran in the game. :/ One very useful, but doesn't works on iOS or Android, i don't know if it works on console too, but on PC, if you click fast and in a good timing, while chopping, hacking or mining, you character will skip a good amount of frames in the animation, making it to do the action faster, if you want to collect many resources faster, this is your way to go, note that clicking faster wouldn't work, this is based around timin', and sometimes you will do it perfectly but sometimes you will do it horribly
  15. I wonder that too, i want to get the Webber's Hallowed nights skin... I want that big pile of Spool!
  16. As the title says, if you jump back on forth on land and then boat, many times, and consecutively (non-stop) your character will softlock in the direction you are going and would not stop, no matter what you click, no matter what keys you are pressing, you will softlock, the only way to stop, is to disconnect and reconnect.
  17. He is trying to hide something, but what?