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  1. I think its my mistake, i tried again and it worked.. maybe the sunken chest i just got out prevented me from extinguishing it.. close this topic please, problem solved.
  2. I'm roaming the sea in summer and the "Pinchin' Winch" started catching fire and I cannot extinguish it please fix and thank you
  3. yes it did it seems, which means it wasn't a dead spot so, i'm guessing it had to do with the crash related to the number of objects on the screen. thanks anyways, and keep up the good work.
  4. There is a serious issue with the update v354959 I tried resuming my old game. 1- I can't get into caves anymore, the game shows a warning screen and then start loading forever. 2- there seems to be a dead spot in the middle of the camp in the game, i tried many times thinking it could be related to a building in the camp or so but it doesn't seem to be the case. its just an area somewhere in the middle that once i walk into it, the game will crash and quit. (the area is so small like 2 to 3 turfs size) 3- once the game crash, the next time i try to resume after the crash will always fail to load the game server and i have to quit the game manually and start again. ===== That's it for the bugs i encountered for now. I wrote stuff here with some extra detail hoping it will help the developers figuring out the issue. note that i did disable all client and server mods while trying I hope it will get fixed quick cuz i can't wait to play more good luck.