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  1. My screen will freeze either as soon as I load the world, or at most a minute after. The game though will continue to go on. I can hear myself move, and everything else going on, but I can't see any of it happening. I've tried all the troubleshooting options there is for fixing problems like this and none of them have worked. Is there anything to be done on either end to fix the problem? I tried looking for the mdmp file since I have the steam game but I couldn't find it after I clicked on "bin". If I'm doing anything wrong or need to give anything else that can help please let me know and I will.
  2. After the world is generated, I can't last 5 minutes without the screen freezing, even freezing on the blinding light right before I spawn in at the gate. The weird part is that the game is still happening. I can hear the sound effects of me moving in game while the screen is frozen. I've tried all of the trouble shooting things that might help and none of them worked. This is The Return of Them Beta version of DST.