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  1. To be clear, showers aren't counted towards any room bonus, and won't conflict with either bedrooms or washrooms. They can technically go anywhere. There are loads of different bedroom and bathroom designs out there, and it really depends on personal taste as well as how many dupes you want to cater for. If you're committed to a 4x16 grid you can condense the whole lot into 1 unit: door/wall + cot + cot + cot + cot + door + shower + lavatory + sink + door or door/wall + comfy bed + comfy bed + comfy bed + door + shower + lavatory + sink + door This gives you a combined barracks/bathroom or bedroom/bathroom for 4 or 3 dupes in a single 16x4 grid. You just have to put up with the interior door not dividing up the bedroom/bathroom evenly. I usually give the extra tile to the bedroom because you'll have a free decor tile when you are using cots, and you don't need to adjust anything when you switch to comfy beds. You can reverse the design so that you have these bedroom/bathroom combos on either side of your dining hall and rec rooms, which would take up the middle grid spaces. So if you arrange your rooms to be: bed/bath - rec room - bed/bath bed/bath - dining - bed/bath You can have 12 dupes in comfy beds in a single 2x3 array.
  2. I'd consider putting the refinery and algae down lower and shift the break room up? Your schedule will dictate this to some degree, but dupes will generally use the bathroom, eat, and go to the break room before sleeping. If this is putting more distance between your farms and heat creating machines so much the better.
  3. You can boil polluted water into dirt, and further into sand. I've found dropping about 50kgs of polluted water into a gold volcano tends to result in a few sand tiles. Very small weight to them after all the conversion, but there you have it. I would guess sand is easier to work with because you don't need the tiles to spawn on top of the objects you want to bury. You can always deconstruct the tile they're sitting on and dump the sand on top of objects you want buried.
  4. has anyone created a heat trap?

    Oh wow. I was going to post an idea abotu using a smart storage bin -> autosweeper -> conveyor loader to reduce the packet size to under 20kgs, but I wasn't sure what the minimum capacity was you could set on a smart storage bin and if it was under 20kgs anyway. This is much more involved!
  5. has anyone created a heat trap?

    Heat exchange has to work by drawing two materials closer together in temperature, so your medium has to be cooler than the ambient temperature to "collect" the heat, and can't directly dump it into a chamber that is already hotter (it will instead cool the chamber and heat the medium). You can "collect" ambient heat by pumping liquids through regular or radiant pipes where the liquid is cooler than the ambient temperature. If they are cooler than the ambient temperature, they will exchange heat, lowering the ambient temperature while heating up the medium. However, you then need to keep cooling your medium. You can create a heated chamber by running liquids through an aquatuner, which will cool your medium and dump the heat into its immediate environment. Few people aim to "store" that heat, for a few reasons. Firstly, the heat buildup will eventually destroy the aquatuner. The temperature at which that occurs depends on the material used to build it. Secondly, there is usually a specific use for that heat, whether it's driving a steam turbine or cooking oil into petroleum. These purposes have specific temperature ranges in which they can be optimised, and builds focus on hitting those ranges. Building a perfectly insulated chamber to store heat is complicated. Building an imperfectly insulated chamber will bleed heat back out into the environment. I'ts generally better to use the heat energy for the purpose it is intended for immediately. EDIT: Another way to think about storing heat is converting it into energy and storing that. Hence why steam turbine aquatuner builds are so common now.
  6. has anyone created a heat trap?

    Usually the best way to do this is build the chamber around a source of extreme heat like a volcano, or setup what you're trying to do in the magma biome. Any heat transfer using conveyors and pipes is usually for a specific purpose, like causing a state change in a material or for heat exchange purposes. Do you have a specific use in mind for your heat trap?
  7. Looks to me like the error message is due to your 3 liquid reservoirs being completely full and the pipe being backed up right to the filter. If you connect the output of hte last reservoir to something it will create room in the pipe as the water cycles through. Are you creating a bathroom loop with this?
  8. Depends on your definition of explode. It cannot state change inside the liquid reservoir, though if the ambient temperature is high enough you might create a situation where it state changes the moment it leaves the reservoir. It can state change inside a pipe, which will damage the pipe and release the gas. Once the pipe breaks no more liquid will flow through. So if that entire area became too hot the most you'd be looking at is a whole mess of broken pipes and a high atmospheric pressure. I believe the combustible tag is just related to its use as a fuel. The game doesn't model igniting solids, liquids or gases in the open environment.
  9. Power Room uses

    How power hungry are your setups? Unless I decide to plug in fridges and go nuts with the autosweepers I'm rarely consuming over 1000kw per cycle, so it could be worthwhile to use a single hydrogen generator as my primary power source and tune it up, then deny access to my backup generators (which can all run without any dupe interaction now they're setup anyway). But with 2 Nat Gas geysers and 2 electrolysers I am struggling to store all the fuel I have without resorting to infinite pressure shenanigans.
  10. I use job priority 2-4 for anything I want done "instead of idling" or "whenever you have a moment". Usually this is in combination with allowing/denying access through specific doors so that my skilled dupes will take on projects outside the main base while my housekeeper dupes will take on easier stuff inside the base. I outlined it in my thread last week: Low priority is also good for the "nice to have" aspects of a build. So I might lay down buildings, dig jobs, wiring/plumbing/ventilation and necessary tiles to get the basics of a room going, and then layer the remaining tiles and doors to make a proper room out of it as a priority 4. When my artist gets masterwork and I start spamming statues and canvases I'll usually put those at a lower priority as well so my entire operation isn't halted for a day or two while everybody assembled enough granite to keep my artist busy for the next week.
  11. Interesting, though I have two questions: 1. Last time I tried this the hot petroleum was destroying my liquid shutoffs, though now I think on it it was likely because the shutoff was placed between the refinery and the boiler in a VERY compact setup. What temp is your shutoff getting to once it is going? 2. Possibly the same point as Gus made already, but since you've cooked your steel pump in the reservoir, is the plan to run a steam turbine until the petroleum is cool enough that you could immerse a new pump in there? Seems like it'll be a while before you can actually use that petroleum for anything without changing what's going through those radiant pipes.
  12. Does this cause a lot of idling? I usually dont' disable tasks altogether but either double increase or double decrease priorities so it is only if they are going to idle, they will go and do other things like harvest food or tidy. How long do you spend training a dupe like this? I know it's good if you give them high athletics but I have never bothered to create an exercise gym like this, lol.
  13. I'm curious to learn some of the ways people keep their colonies running smoothly, particularly as they get larger. I'm using the term "duplicant management" because I think there are some creative things that go beyond just the dupe priority and task priority system. I've seen some posts talking about the use of a proximity preference setting for example, which weights the jobs dupes will go for differently. I'm currently trying to deal with an issue that comes up for me around the mid-game. I want my digger/builder/suit wearer dupes to tackle a wide range of projects outside the base. But while that is happening, I have a bunch of stuff to do in the interior of my base, which anyone can handle. Because these are all construction jobs the dupe and job priorities won't cut it. If I preference them equally, everyone jumps on the closer tasks first. If I use task priorities, everyone preferences the exterior jobs, and I'm not putting dozens of atmo suits at every exit, so sometimes my best builders are twiddling their thumbs. I'm starting to experiment with disallowing my artists, farmers, ranchers, doctors and chefs from using the atmo suit checkpoints or doors headed to those exterior projects so that they will focus on construction tasks inside the base, even if they are set to a lower priority. That way my skilled dupes will ignore the in-base projects in favour of the geyser builds and space or oil biome work. I thought I'd ask if there are other specific issues people have encountered and devised clever tricks to overcome, or if there are tips and tricks that may not be immediately obvious to players.
  14. A DLC Theory

    I figure there's no point implementing nuclear power without modelling radiation. You could create an attribute to model material density (not hardness) that reflects the suitability of materials as radioactive shielding. That could result in lead being the most appropriate material to protect from exposure to radiation, for instance. It seems like the pieces are there. But I don't know whether radiation sickness becomes just another medical condition to manage, or the solution is just atmo suits.
  15. If motivation is the primary issue, I can say how I've approached adjusting as the pace of the game starts to slow. It boils down to switching your perspective from being focused on tasks to focused on dupes. In the early game, just about any dupe can do any task (though obviously some better than others) so you set some basic priorities and off you go. Toilets, research, oxygen, food, bedrooms, dining, etc. etc. One by one you're going through those basic projects, probably doing them a little differently in the context of the map and your resources, but still getting through one project after another. When you want to start analysing geysers, building autosweepers and shipping stuff, or digging down to the oil biome, these tasks are going to be bottlenecked (especially if you're trying to rush to them at cycle 50). That is, there is probably only one dupe who can do it. Sometimes you need two different specific dupes to each do a specific task. They will frequently be doing other chores, or they're on break/asleep. Now, you can try to use priorities to "encourage" them to get on with it. But this gets frustrating because you're fighting the system to override your dupes without taking the time to understand what they were doing. Have you ever had the screen focused on an errand, set at priority 8 or higher, running the game at 3x speed and waiting for a dupe to come along? Was that for an actual emergency, or just because you wanted that job done right now? I know you have mentioned dupes sweeping/tidying instead of doing what you want them to do, so experiment with not having any storage containers other than building a sweep only when you really need to tidy an area. At cycle 50 you can still rely on room bonuses and snazzy suits to give you all the morale you need, even if there is debris all over the floor. If you have many dupes constantly running back to harvest from your farm plots, increase the priority for one dupe and decrease for others, or let yourself get distracted by looking into a more automated farming system so that your dupes don't get harvest tasks generated all the time. This might sound exactly like what I was just warning against - fighting the priority system to get the job you want done. But it's actually the opposite. I'm not looking to bump a specific job up the list for my dupes. I'm looking at what my dupes are doing and seeing if I can help clear away their chores. You can still have the task you really want them to focus on at a higher priority, but you should only really need to step it up one or two numbers. I find this mentality helps to alleviate the frustration that comes from feeling like it is taking longer and longer for dupes to get the things you want them to do done.