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  1. Metal Refinery

    thank you, i solved with a large transofrmer
  2. first time into metal refinery, don't working at all, maybe it's a bug, power (2kw) and collant is ok, the the coolant co into "green" all materials are inside, when a dupe arrives he operate for half a second the "no power" text comes out for just another half second than the refenery go back into "work errand" status and when the dupe come back do the same again, i've tried to restart several time
  3. Hydrogen-SPOM

    no.. - I want to keep the AETN running continuously. - i want that the hydrogen pump never stops so i connect the electrolyzer setup to the main powergrid and don't care if it is not a "SPOM" anymore my problem is use the excees of the hydrogen is some generators ONLY if all the tanks of the AETN are full. but you gave me the answer with the gas bridge, i didn't now it works like the liquid bridge, in this case i can do this: will this work? if i don't put any automation wire to the hydrogen generators they will just run forever and the hydrogen pump of the electrolyzers will never stop right? to don't waste energy i can set the natural gas generators (my main power supply) that activates below 70% of smart batteries and stops above 90% so the hydrogen generators will always run for the last 10% probably this is better: so the Vent will never overpressurize and i will make the most of the Vent active time.
  4. Hydrogen-SPOM

    but i want that the tanks of the AETN to have priority 1, if the hydrogen vent is off i want to use every single g of Hydrogen for the AETN tanks
  5. Hydrogen-SPOM

    i never used valves before.. i've to set an amount of g/s right? do you mean to set just the maximun amount and the excees will go on the upway? is this similar to the bridges priority for liquid pipes (i use this of the excees of the bathroom infinite loop)
  6. i've 2 spom and they are working well, lateley i found an Hydrogen vent and i'm setting up an AETN, i built many gas reservoirs but i'm scared about the vent dormancy, here the question: i want to connect my spom to the powergrid in order to use the hydrogen to fill the tanks during the vent dormancy but i don't want the pipes blocks when the tanks are full (creating problem on oxygen generation inside the SPOM) and use the excees to fill the hydrogen generators (connected to the main power grid i guess). how can i do that?
  7. ooh ok, so easy. i already have more than one smart battery, all connected (automation) to the generators, i just need to connect one of it to the manual generators and set the needed setting. it should have come to mind, evidently it's too hot here in Italy.
  8. i'm really new to automation and probably this is a very noob question but: my main source of power are natural gas generators, i've some smart batteries connected with automation wire in order to switch off the generators when they're below 80% everything is working fine. now i'm trying to setup a backup of some manual generators, if i connect the same automation wire those generators will be active below at 80% but i want this happen only below 50-40% any suggestion? probably on of the automation "gate" can help me?
  9. happened to me too, after some reload it worked, i think cache can be the problem anyway thanks for your work Cairath, the new version is fantastic.
  10. I haven't played with the release version coming tomorrow but I have seen different setups and gameplay, however I could not understand if the changes brings to the water sieve create problems to the classic infinite bathroom loop, the water temperature rises gradually until to become a problematic heat source?
  11. thanks for your effort man, the main functionality is all i need!
  12. @Cairath do you think the new version will be online for the official release of 30 july? i really can't start a new game without your fantastic tool