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  1. Hi guys, There's plenty of reports in the bug tracker but I haven't seen any discussion, has anyone figured out a solution to the game crashing at the Klei logo on startup? Reinstalling and manually purging all the leftover files did the trick for me, but every time I reboot my PC it happens again and reinstalling every time isn't really an option..
  2. My game can't be launched

    Same here. Uninstalling, manually purging every game directory and reinstalling did the trick. Turned my pc off and on again and it doesn't start anymore (again), I'm probably not going to reinstall the game every time I reboot my pc lol..
  3. good seeds?

    Funny story, when I was a kid my grandparents gave me a pyrite stone (not sure how to call it, looked like a big crystal thing made of gold) since I used to collect stones fossils crystals and so on. I treasured it as my most valuable possession (even though IRL it's fairly worthless I think) for a long time, it really looked great!
  4. good seeds?

    Lack of amalgam is fine I guess, I kinda made my peace with it since I decided to play Arboria. What does pyrite do, I don't think I've seen it mentioned anywhere EDIT: ok I checked's used to make iron and that's it? If that's the case is it really a problem not having it since you only get it from space and by then you can assume you have access to plenty of iron anyway?
  5. good seeds?

    What do you guys think of this seed? I think I'll go with this one!
  6. good seeds?

    The short answer is no. The slightly longer is that you technically could if you use TNI to look for the same geysers in other asteroids and if a seed that satisfies your query exists (and has been mined already)
  7. good seeds?

    Deep Oil + Irregular Oil + Oasis I guess can do that lol
  8. good seeds?

    The oil is in the 300+ C and the thing erupts continuously, you can cook your base fairly quickly if you don't take the right precautions (speaking from experience lol)
  9. good seeds?

    This is my TNI ruleset that I'm looking for on Arboria. No hits yet but we'll get there eventually..
  10. You're definitely not alone! For me I'll aim at Geoactive/Volcanoes/Buried Oil for a ludicrous resource output lol
  11. So..question: with Klei fixing the presence of opposite traits in the world gen (e.g. metal rich metal poor), does that mean that all the current seeds will be invalid and that we should stop mining them with the addon until they push the update with the fix?
  12. Thanks again! Details for a given map do not seem to be working. For example, if I browse some seeds and then select one to see the individual geysers output I get the "Crap nothing to see here" message, e.g.
  13. Take all the time that you need and thanks for the great work!
  14. @Cairath Since the tool is online, how do we start contributing to mining seeds? I checked the mod page but it doesn't seem to be working (