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  1. I see weezeworts without farm plots are they back!!!???
  2. [Game Update] - 355817

    Too bad Meep, Hassan and Travaldo already ate all the muckroot in the asteroid. On a serious note though, will you guys implement this back? I know there are a lot of people that opposed this in the first place but I IMHO convenience is more important than a possible "human missclick" as time is really valuable . Implement it back when is fixed please.
  3. TLDR: GAS DISTRIBUTION ISSUE/MATTER DUPLICATION? I am getting this issues as well, my previous bases are getting many gases crushed to INSANE pressures from 3.5 kg to 8.5, primarily oxygen and dioxide. I tried making room for those gases but the gases did not dissipate and the INSANE pressures continued(dupes could not have generated as much dioxide in 2 cycles) I'm not sure if the "matter duplication bug was the issue"(i had no geysers), I'll see if this happens again with a new colony as my other colony is fairly lost. PS:I've got not high pressure vents at all.