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  1. I currently have mine at 25 degrees.
  2. Cooling in space

    This setup has remained for hundreds of cycles. Steel robominers in small puddles of petroleum, with an aluminum conveyer cooling loop that runs into a steam turbine setup to delete the heat. Haven't had a single overheat yet
  3. Here is my build for cooling geyser water. Uses 2kW of power on average. You can just vacuum the valve and liquid shutoff room i realised too https://youtu.be/AC9_DXCjg5M
  4. Cooling in space

    I'm really hoping they hurry up and introduce thermal interaction of buildings with tiles they are built upon, it really is not intuitive that they do not, and then we won't have to do stupid s**t like this.
  5. Currently the liquid tepidizer is a magical machine that creates far more energy than it consumes. To combat exploitation of this using steam turbines the liquid tepidizer will stop heating liquid at 85 degrees, which limits its use considerably. Here's a rundown of the math. A liquid Tepidizer will produce 4,640 kDTU/s while consuming 960 watts of electricity, or 4.83 kDTU/s produced per watt consumed. A steam turbine will consume 877.6 kDTU/s to produce 850 watts of electricity, or 1.03 kDTU consumed per watt produced. So that means you can run 4 steam turbines non-stop at full power for a single liquid tepidizer not even running all the time, assuming it could heat liquid up to 200 degrees (such as a pool of petroleum), producing 3400W of electricity for 960W consumed. For comparison the Liquid Aquatuner will produce (or move) only 585 kDTU/s or 0.488 kDTU/s per watt consumed whilst using water, or 0.985 kDTU/s per watt consumed whilst aquatuning super coolant. If we reduce the heat output of the liquid tepidizer to create a net loss of energy when using steam turbines, the heat output would need to be 991 kDTU/s or lower. This still makes the liquid tepidizer more than twice as energy efficient for local heat generation than a water aquatuner, but only marginally more efficient than using super coolant, as it'll still produce 1 kDTU/s per watt consumed, without all infrastructure, piping and the need to harvest thermal energy from elsewhere when using aquatuners. As a consequence of this it'll open the liquid tepidizer to a whole lot of different applications, such as water purification without using water sieves or desalinators, petroleum and sour cooking etc. To keep the liquid Tepidizer relevant late game when super coolant is available it could have a default overheat temperature of 200 degrees or higher, meaning it'll overheat at 275 with gold, 400 with steel, or 1100 degrees with thermium, which makes sense as I imagine it's a far more simple device than an aquatuner. This would give it applications that is only just too hot for the aquatuner, such as melting copper ore and gold amalgam into metal. I'm curious to hear your opinions on this as the liquid tepidizer is not currently used very much, and those who do use it are often told to use aquatuners instead.
  6. Having some major issues with the solid oxidizer tank for rocketry. There is no conveyer input to allow direct insertion of solid fuel which is a major pity. I have attempted auto-sweepers but they will not obey limits on oxylite and fill it to capacity which makes them unusable, they will also overheat on the first rocket launch. Now I have attempted a gantry for duplicants to insert oxidizer but they also will not obey oxylite limits on the oxidizer tank and will fill it past the designated limit. Is there any way to make them useable or do I need to just spam steam rocket launches to rush liquid oxidizer tank?
  7. Space Artifacts cannot be stored in containers as there is no category they fall under.
  8. You are correct, i assumed liquid shutoffs generated a small amount of heat due to using electricity. Another minor oversight is the bridge bypass pipe from the inflow pump doesn't have a thermo sensor on it, potentially allowing near freezing water into the aquatuners. I think I'm going to improve on this design again by making it double as a water purifier, by making the turbine water flow into the cooling loop and inputting hot salt water from a geyser if pressure inside the room gets below 20kg, with a steel autosweeper and a pressure plate that only activates the sweeper when salt reaches 100kg. I love this game. Edit: Construction has begun
  9. https://youtu.be/AC9_DXCjg5M Any improvements or corrections would be welcomed