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  1. image.thumb.png.7fa860652b6b45d33f7d5b7f1eba8959.png

    I made Edd's lucky can from Eddsworld

    1. Serena Tsukino

      Serena Tsukino

      Oh my, how did you pierce that can through? Please be careful, waaah I got injured really badly from a can once...

    2. Blue Moth

      Blue Moth

      I used a nail to poke the hole initially and i used a pencil to make the hole bigger

    3. Serena Tsukino

      Serena Tsukino

      Ooh nice! I remember making diy with cans too when I were little heeheehee, that's such a smart idea, I only used really sharp tools and stuff to pierce them through... No I didn't get injured that way ugh...