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  1. Edge Of Map - Disables Items / Breaks Wires and Pipes placed at the last square of the edge of the map on the left side (right to prob. haven't tested) will not work / won't transmit power and water pipes stop flowing an often would break one piece of the pipe on the edge which caused the water to stop. but yeah power and pipes on edge don't work. ThankS!
  2. oooo nice thank you! they should build it in though ty!
  3. Camera should be able to pan farther over to the left and right of the map; it's hard to work near the edge of the map because you need to zoom in so much
  4. Auto Save should never Delete Player Saves lost a save game nearly too this, but just made a cold storage luckily player saves should never be overwritten to the point of wiping all player saves
  5. Salt water Grows Infinitely: it came from the print pod and then my dupe put it into the world with a pump/emptying device it messed up my water system(pipes) also
  6. Add Camera location saves, so you can teleport camera
  7. Mesh Tiles don't transfer heat to other mesh tiles (Wolf)
  8. AUTO miner can't be undug by worker when buried
  9. Airflow Tiles Eat Puk, airflow tiles delete direct puke from dupes
  10. Airflow Tiles Eat Puk, airflow tiles delete direct puke from dupes
  11. Please change the wall smash Audio, for an Angry Dupe. the current audio makes me mad everytime I hear it, I feel like we could find a less aggressive sound; the game is supposed to make you feel good, not trigger anger.
  12. Wipe all Alerts Button must have, it's annoying to have to always unclick everything manually
  13. Automation Wire Auto locking doors, if not connected to source this is really annoying when your trying to make a closed off room and you have workers on the inside and then someone places the doors automation wire first before placing the rest of the connection that leads to lets say an atmo sensor; the reason this is annoying is because it locks everyone in the room and the only way to unlock the door is to destroy the automation wire and then manually unlock the door. which with dangerous things around can be the death of everyone in the room anyways thanks for the game, this is very very annoying
  14. Mesh Tiles don't transfer heat to other mesh tiles (Wolf)