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  1. I can't get it to recreate now but it is has been a lot of cycles since. Hopefully just a weird fluke/circumstance.
  2. I have not checked if it is still working the same way since but can. The water being pumped to it had been filtered previously and none of the polluted water being fed to it was salt water nor causing damage to other buildings using the polluted water before it went to the sieve. I checked all the pipes and confirmed there was no salt water in that system. I waited and watched the sieve and specifically saw the nodes of salt water exit the sieve. It might just be a fluke since I didn't see it in any other forums and was not yet reported. I will see if I can reproduce now.
  3. I noticed some of my water intake buildings breaking and found salt water in what was supposed to be a clean water system. Tracked the source to my water sieve. It outputs mostly clean water but is pushing out salt water as well.
  4. I am having this issue as well. 5 or 6 trees were tended for ~50 cycles with no drop. Pips were added and harvest turned off. Still no seed after another 20-50 cycles. All the seeds have come from the printer.