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  1. HI I was wondering if someone might be able to answer a question? I have 2 Klei accounts, one for Steam and one for PS4, both linked to the same (my only) Twitch account via the Klei accounts website. I've been watching Streams all day and the PS4 account received all 3 drops but my Steam account still hasn't received any of them. Do I need to make a second Twitch account for my second Klei account? Edit: I found a "fix" myself since nooone responded; in case any one else is having the same problem: I removed my Twitch account from both of my Klei accounts. Then, I re-connected it to my Steam account and just simply watched another 8 hours of streams! ...yeah, I had to watch 16 HOURS of streams to get the SAME SKIN on 2 different accounts, after having bought the actual GAME on 2 different platforms, an error I will never make again. Thanks Klei.